Figuring It Out As I Go…

{February 7, 2009}   Hey Stranger!

I’ve decided to start blogging again…and I’ll be honest, it feels good!

I just went and read some of my old posts, and wow how life has changed!

I went for a short drive today, and I noticed that all of the snow is now gone 😦 Does that mean winter is over? I think that makes me sad, although I am really looking forward to switching back to my purty wheels and getting a tan!! Seriously, I’m really pale!

My thoughts are slightly scattered right now, so I’ll work on organizing them and blog again later 🙂


{July 2, 2007}   Fuddruckers

Well, we made it home in one piece. We had so much fun, and it was just what we all needed! I’ve never taken the kids on a vacation before, and I’ve never gone on any real vacation like this, so it was great! The weather down there couldn’t have been better, and when we got home at 4 this morning, the kids said they wanted to go back there where it’s basically the same temp all the time 🙂 So I’m pretty sure we’re moving 😉

We ended up only doing the Zoo and Legoland. We spent 6 hours at Legoland and didn’t feel like going anywhere else afterwards, then yesterday we went to the Zoo, but Ty and Ariel were both sick by then, and Ty was NOT feeling the whole walking up and down hills just to see some animals. For rides, maybe. For animals, he wasn’t diggin’ it. So we probably only saw a quarter of the stuff there. It’s ok. I wasn’t impressed either. Seemed like every other exhibit was birds, and let’s face it, you can see birds anywhere! I’d go back to Legoland though! It was so much fun 🙂

Obviously there’s a ton we didn’t have time to do. Next time I think I’d like to go with no babies and walk around downtown SD and go through some museums and art galleries. Guess I need to start planning my next vacation 😉

So since everyone was sick (I wasn’t sick yet, just burned) I decided we’d drive home last night, which worked out great! The kids slept the entire drive, except for when I had to wake them to potty, we hit VERY little traffic, and all of the lights were gorgeous! Definitely a drive to make at night in my opinion!! It also allowed me to just zone out, listen to music, and reflect on life and such. All was going well until an old song by Randy Travis came on…it’s called Walked on Water I think. Made me think about my Uncle, which made me tear up. It’s amazing how much I still miss him and how much it still hurts 😦 Thank Bob for my Sirius, because I was able to follow that teary song up with some acoustic Dave, and then of course some Color Me Badd and NKOTB! Yes, you read that right, and I was singing along just like I was 12 again 😀 Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Sirius?? Yeah, 1276 miles driven total, with no commercials and no static. Doesn’t get any better folks!!

So, hands down, great trip. The kiddies and puppy were great, everyone had fun, and aside from my burn that required the doc checkin’ it out today, we’ve all got some great memories! I took a ton of pics, and eventually they’ll all be uploaded. At that point I’ll print some out for the kids so they can make scrapbooks to remember our trip by 🙂

Oh, my ear. It’s doing great. I know you guys were wondering 😉 I love it so much, and I’m so glad I did it!

And now, things I learned on this vacation:

  • I’m stronger than I thought, and going on vacation with my babies alone is just fine, even when people bang on my door at midnight
  • Motorcycle cops in So Cal cut through traffic at 80
  • There are only about 5 cops in all of So Cal, and none of them care that my windows are tinted
  • There are only about 4 Starbucks between here and So Cal
  • I have some of the best friends ever!
  • My car gets 30mpg even when I’m driving like an asshole in So Cal
  • SD is gorgeous, and working at Legoland will be fun
  • There are a TON more Starbucks between So Cal and here…I think they only open them and put the signs out at night
  • Swallowing knives hurts and is just plain silly…you shouldn’t do it
  • Vacation is fun, and should be done more often!

{June 29, 2007}   Holy Shit!

We made it, alive and in one piece!!!! Minus the fact that Google lied about the mileage, and the road construction in some random little town which required a detour for me, it all came off without a hitch. Oh yeah, and the 54 stops we made so one or more of us could pee. But for the most part everyone was good, well behaved, and quiet.
Now on to the important stuff.
Do you people know how many Starbucks there are out in BFE???? Seriously. Like 1. Between home and here. Ok, maybe 2. But not nearly enough!!!
Oh, and my blinkers, on crack. Not sure why, because as far as I can tell, all of my lights are working. Whatev.  And the girl, sick.  Has a cold.  Nice!
Alright, we’re going to dinner. On foot. Because none of us are interested in the car right now. But we’re in San Diego bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, thanks for keeping me occupied and sane by text ya’ll!!!!!!

{June 25, 2007}   Protected: Coffee Tables

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{June 17, 2007}   Milk Bones

From now on when I can’t come up with a title for my posts, I’m just going to name it something random.

So someone googled “fuck in a nissan” and it landed them at my site. I bet they were disappointed that it was just some girl bitching about hers!! I mean, I don’t even have any good titties on my site to look at! I also get about 15 hits a day from people googling “Eye of Ra tattoos” Hope they’re not dissapointed by mine! Speaking of, I need to get a new pic of my tattoos up…haven’t taken any since I got the eye done, and it was still all fresh and stuff.

I’ve been out taking pics this weekend. Got some good sunflower shots yesterday, but my shots of the corn for TC looked like crap (in my opinion) so I didn’t post them. Ariel and I went up to the lake today to visit the glory hole and I got great shots up there!! And you know you guys know where to find my pics!

Little Frankie goes everywhere with us! He loves being in the car and I love taking him. We obviously don’t take him if we’re going in somewhere he can’t, because it’s WAY too hot to leave him in the car, but most of our running around is just the boring kind where he can tag along 🙂 He’s doing much better staying home now, and only cries when we first leave. We know this for sure because Sarah came down with the cold from hell and strep throat yesterday. Ariel and I were running non-Frankie errands, so he had to stay here. Since she was just in bed and not making any noise, he thought he was alone and was perfectly silent 🙂 WooHoo! That means taking him to San Diego will be no prob at all! We are going to have to practice pottying on the side of the road though, ’cause there will be no accidents in Sasha!  And for being such a good boy, he got his very first Kong today 🙂  It’ll be his “mommy is going to work” treat every day 🙂

Speaking of Sasha, I took her to a mechanic I trust that does all of my oil changes and such to get his opinion on whether or not whatever is going on with her is dealer worthy since it means me taking a day off of work. He could not find ONE THING wrong 😦 So I guess that means I’m going to have to suck it up and spend the day chillin’ at the dealership…fun for me! I’m kinda thinking I’m going to wait it out a bit, because he said he couldn’t find anything, and I trust him, so maybe I’ll see what the noise does before I waste my time.

Well I think that’s it for now…Ariel wants to see Nancy Drew, so maybe we’ll head and out do that…or maybe I’ll take a nap 🙂 Options are open at this point folks!

{June 14, 2007}   Fuck You Nissan!

So I go to drop off my car this morning, and the guy tells me:
“I’ve got bad news for you.  Your extended warranty states you have to take the car back to the selling dealer if you live within a 40 mile radius of it.”

“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, I’m really sorry.”
So I left, crying, again, because seriously, I can’t handle this shit anymore.  How in the hell am I supposed to get my car dropped off in one town, and get 2 towns away back to work, then 2 towns back to pick it up??  The dealership here is literally within walking distance from my office!!! 

I just want life to be back to normal, when the simplest thing doesn’t make me burst into tears!  I want to be happy.  I want to find forever.  I feel like I’m running out of time.

So yeah, fuck you Nissan! Pretty sure I’ll never buy another one and deal with your extended warranty bullshit!  I’ve been sent away twice now, after being told there IS something wrong with my car.  Bullshit.

{June 12, 2007}   I’m About To Break!

This morning started out well enough. Got up on time, Ty got ready with no hassles, Frankie went potty on his puppy pad like a good boy. I had a horrible headache, but what do you expect when you cry every single night? So we’ll overlook that part. Stopped to get gas, and looky what I paid! WooHoo, right! I mean, seriously, it was up to $3.50 so I was seriously doing a happy dance as I filled up!

Then it was time to drop off my car at the dealership so they can fix it. He runs my VIN through the computer, looks at the printout, looks at me, and asks where my extended warranty is through. WHAT??? I bought my car brand new, I thought the extended warranty was through Nissan. I thought that was the point of buying and extended factory warranty! He said there are about 50 different companies, and he has no way of knowing who my warranty is through. Well fuck, neither do I. I don’t even know where my paperwork for the car is because I’ve moved what, 3 times since I bought the car, and I have yet to unpack every single box.
So I don’t drop off my car, because I don’t want to pay to fix it and then fight with them to get reimbursed. And if I have to pay someone to fix my car, it sure in the fuck won’t be Nissan; they charge the highest labor charges there are at dealerships!
So I started crying again, as soon as my ass hit my seat. I can’t handle anymore. Seriously. I’ve hit my breaking point.

So I called John. He’s going to see if he can figure it out for me. Since he’s on my car too he has full rights to all info, and I’m hoping he’s able to get it squared away.
I didn’t even want to come to work today. All I do is cry anymore. I tear up at the fucking grocery store people! I just can’t do this shit anymore. I’m done.

{June 11, 2007}   That’s How I Roll

**Edited to add, apparently I’m not the only one with mechanic/dealership issues today!!**

Look at how pretty my Sasha is…I love her…lots!

She rolled 36,000 miles yesterday! I know, you’re thinking “Arlene, how could you possibly drive 36,000 miles in 17 1/2 months; you haven’t even been anywhere!!”
The answer is simple really. Driving is my escape. If I’m angry, I can get in my car, head out to the back roads, and blare Godsmack. If I’m sad, I can do the same, only blaring something country that I know all the words to and can belt out at the top of my lungs until my throat hurts and my tears have dried. If I have a problem that needs figuring…well, you catch my drift.
When I was little, reading was my escape, and to an extent it still is, but nothing will ever compare to being able to up and leave when I’m no longer comfortable in my own skin!
That being said…given everything that’s happened this past year, it’s no wonder I don’t have more miles on my poor car!

Now we get to part II of this story.

When I started my car yesterday morning, it started making a funny sound, almost like my muffler was loose. When Andrew got home I had him listen to it, and it was definitely coming from under my hood! So I called Nissan first thing this morning and confirmed that even though I had rolled to 36,000 miles YESTERDAY, I would have no problems since I bought the extended factory warranty when I bought the car BRAND NEW. The manager assured me there would be no problems. So I go by there at lunch so they can give it a quick once over. They, too, agree that the problem is under the hood, probably a bolt backing itself off of something and rattling. So our conversation goes like this:

Him “I think you have a bolt backing off, maybe off of your power steering pump.”
Me “Is that going to be covered under my warranty since I just rolled 36,000?”
Him “Not if it’s just a loose bolt. If somethings broken once we get in there then it’ll be covered.”
Me “But it’ll cover you guys looking at it to see what’s wrong with it right?”
Him “Only if somethings broken, so we’ll have to give you a $115 estimate up front that you’ll have to pay if it’s just a loose bolt.”
Me “So if it’s loose it’s not covered, if it comes off and breaks something, then it’s covered?”
Him “Yeah.”
Me “So what did I buy the extended warranty for???”

I’m irritated beyond words. I’ve always said we’re a reactive society rather than a proactive one, and crap like this really makes proves it!
So the guy told me to drop it off in the morning and they’d probably be able to take care of it, meaning they’ll probably lie about my mileage (since they’re not open on Sundays!) so that my warranty will pay for it. They really were very nice, and I can’t blame them, but it’s crap like this that’s just the icing on the already sour cake! I know the warranty will come in handy if something big, like my motor or transmission goes out, but I think it’s silly that it won’t pay to fix a problem while it’s still small!!

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{March 28, 2007}   Sasha’s Hole
I’ve been wanting a sunroof FOREVER!!! As many cars as I’ve had, I’ve never had one with a sunroof, and it’s always been something I’ve wanted. John got me one, had it installed since I’ve been layed up 🙂 He went to a place that’s been in business for like 30 years, and came HIGHLY recommended by multiple people and dealerships. A couple of people have said they leak and such, but it has a really good warranty, so I don’t have anything to worry about. I’m so happy!! I love it so much, and I can’t wait to drive my car and enjoy it!!!

et cetera