Figuring It Out As I Go…

{February 6, 2008}   Long Time No Type

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile!  Just thought I’d say hello 🙂

I miss blogging on here, but it’s just easier not to still.

As for Mr. Waylon, he attacked Frankie (it was TOTALLY Frankie’s fault!!) but we had to get rid of him 😦  I still miss him terribly, and I think if anyone should have gone, it should have been Frankie, but what’s done is done…

I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to talk to ya’ll soon 🙂

I had my ankle surgery!!


{December 13, 2007}   Meet Waylon!

We got a new doggy tonight.  His name is Waylon.  He’s a 5 year old Chocolate Lab/German Wirehaired mix.  I already love him so much!!  He’s so sweet, he’s trained, and he totally tolerates Frankie, which is huge!!  He’s greeted all of us with a wagging tail, including the kids (HUGE!!) and when someone knocked on the door, he had a nice deep bark that makes me feel very safe 🙂  Waylon’s owner just died, so he was in need of a good home…we’re all super happy to have him here!!

Sorry about the crappy camera phone pics I have of him…I’ll take better ones this weekend, and maybe even a video of him and Frankie playing 🙂
In other news, I’m going back to MN for work the first week of Jan.  Should be fun again, although we’re going strictly for grunt work this time with the new software we’re switching to.  Either way.  Business trips are fun 🙂
Everything else is going ok.  We’re all set for Christmas, just have to wrap everything the night before.  Can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they open their stuff!  I think they’re going to be really happy 🙂
Oh, and if you haven’t read my bulletin on Myspace, I’m in need of addresses please 🙂

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