Figuring It Out As I Go…

{February 6, 2008}   Long Time No Type

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile!  Just thought I’d say hello 🙂

I miss blogging on here, but it’s just easier not to still.

As for Mr. Waylon, he attacked Frankie (it was TOTALLY Frankie’s fault!!) but we had to get rid of him 😦  I still miss him terribly, and I think if anyone should have gone, it should have been Frankie, but what’s done is done…

I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to talk to ya’ll soon 🙂

I had my ankle surgery!!


{December 13, 2007}   Meet Waylon!

We got a new doggy tonight.  His name is Waylon.  He’s a 5 year old Chocolate Lab/German Wirehaired mix.  I already love him so much!!  He’s so sweet, he’s trained, and he totally tolerates Frankie, which is huge!!  He’s greeted all of us with a wagging tail, including the kids (HUGE!!) and when someone knocked on the door, he had a nice deep bark that makes me feel very safe 🙂  Waylon’s owner just died, so he was in need of a good home…we’re all super happy to have him here!!

Sorry about the crappy camera phone pics I have of him…I’ll take better ones this weekend, and maybe even a video of him and Frankie playing 🙂
In other news, I’m going back to MN for work the first week of Jan.  Should be fun again, although we’re going strictly for grunt work this time with the new software we’re switching to.  Either way.  Business trips are fun 🙂
Everything else is going ok.  We’re all set for Christmas, just have to wrap everything the night before.  Can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they open their stuff!  I think they’re going to be really happy 🙂
Oh, and if you haven’t read my bulletin on Myspace, I’m in need of addresses please 🙂

{October 2, 2007}   Protected: My New Hole

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Sounds like a great day huh 😉 It’s really a book I’m reading…

I can’t believe I forgot to post my lessons learned in MN! My cute little Dash…yeah, it’s durable! It flew off the top of Katie’s car at 50mph! It’s fine. In one piece. Scratched. No big deal. I almost cried though! I mean, seriously, this thing isn’t even paid for yet! So yeah, great phone, and VERY durable!

My Aunt Betty and Cheril have been down here all week. I love it. I’ve gotten to spend so much time with them! We had a BBQ tonight for my cousin Nathan…he’s 31. Damn that’s old 😉

I took Frankie to the vet…he was coughing. $270 later, he had an antibiotic, antihistamine, and was updated on his vaccines. My wallet hurts though. Damn expensive ass dog! Andrew brought up a good point though: It’d be hard to explain to the kids why he was dead 😉

I watched Georgia Rule tonight. Great movie!!!!! It even made me cry, which, let’s be honest here, isn’t hard to do lately. Speaking of, I have a brain dump coming…I’m going to password it though. I’ll email ya’ll the password when the time comes, and if I don’t email you, feel free to email me

Oh yeah…I’m stealing the send me your address idea. I realized tonight when I was picking up my bedroom that I have a ton of postcards lying around from the trips this summer. So send me your address (if you trust me) and I’ll send you a random card or post card. It’ll be a fun way for us all to wrap up summer and get through winter, which I know can be very long for some of you! And if you don’t want to email me your addy, that’s fine too. I’m easy peasy tonight. Could be the vicodin I took for my ankle. Whatev.

Oh, my ankle. Yeah, it’s fucked. And by fucked I mean I may have to have a pin put in it. I’ve been doing physical therapy twice a week for a month, still going. I have a brace that they special ordered me that I have to wear 24/7. It’s fun. Only not. Oh, and did I mention it hurts like HELL! Yeah. It does. So there is no running in my future…I can ride a bike though, which I’ve been doing almost every night. I LOVE it 🙂

Ok, that’s all for now. I’m going to go read blogs like a good little girl. Oh, check out the pics in my flickr. Got a cute froggie today 🙂

So I got myself a new phone.  Mine’s been acting up lately, and I finally got tired of it!  So here’s my new baby, the Samsung Blast.  I haven’t even played with it yet, but I’ll let ya’ll know what I think!



I also got a present from he who makes me smile:



I had mentioned seeing a fountain I wanted at Wally World, so he surprised me with it 🙂  It was even the one I was looking at!  He says he doesn’t want me stressing anymore 🙂  So sweet!!


Almost fixes all the shit I’ve been going through lately! 


I also took some cute pics of Tyler and I, Gidget and Frankie, and Tyler and Andrew.  They’re chillin’ in my Flickr if you want to see them, and you know you do! 😛 

{August 7, 2007}   With Ketchup Please

I found this online today while searching for a knife through the head for Kristen…yeah, don’t think my dog won’t be wearing this come Halloween!!!

Why didn’t anyone tell me how much running hurts?  Holy guacamole!  I ran 1.5 miles the first night, walking the majority.  Last night I ran a mile, splitting the running and walking about 50/50, but I had to stop because my legs hurt so damn bad!  So tonight I’m just going to walk, nice and easy.  I’m really impressed with how much my legs and feet hurt.  I guess that’s what happens when you go from couch potato to marathon training 😛

I’m trying really hard to get around to blogs, but I’ll be honest, my motivation is nill by the time I get home, and I’ve been crazy busy here at work.  I’m trying though.  Everyone just please be patient with me 😀 

Oh, and if anyone wants to get together and run, walk, or ride a bike (which I still need to buy!) let me know!  I’d love to have a partner!! 

Oh yeah, check out Sarah’s blog and look at what they did to my doggy while we were on vacation, it’s hilarious!!!! 

{July 11, 2007}   SuperGlue!

Is it National Dumb Driver Day today?  Seriously.  Kristen and I went to Dixon at lunch to go to Super Wally World, and we encountered every idiot around!  It was ridiculous!  And just an FYI: it’s called the “fast lane” for a reason.  If the people behind you are on your ass, you should probably MOVE!

I’m eating a Jolly Rancher stick as I type this, and I keep growling/grunting at things, mostly because I can’t talk while sucking on this thing, and my coworker just compared me to Little Frankenstein!  Nice huh 😀

My boss told me today that Vodka is Atkins approved…and bloody mary’s are healthy!  I really need to start drinking more!  And I love her!  Seriously!

So Sarah and Andrew have been in Reno all week, and I made them leave Gidgie home with me to keep me safe.  The first night, all night long she was up and down, going to the door, giving little half barks, and then looking at me like I should really just do something, like bring mom and dad home.  Then at bedtime I put her in bed with me (shhhh, don’t tell Andrew!) and she was fine for a while, but then decided to get down.  No big deal, she was sleeping next to the bed.  I wake up because she’s decided somewhere around 2am that she actually does want to sleep with me, so she just jumps right in the middle of me!  Good thing I love her so freakin’ much!  Last night she did fine though.  She really is the best dog there is, and I hope someday Frankie can learn from her!

Speaking of Frankie, he’s been so good at not going potty in the house.  I put him outside all the time and he’s going potty out there!  Hopefully soon he’ll catch on to go to the door when he needs to go!

This Jolly Rancher is really good ya’ll!   Apple.  Yum!

So I have my very own artist that’s going to draw my scorpion tattoo for me!  Ok, he’s not really MINE per say, but he is going to draw it for me, and since he really is an artist and wants to open his own gallery (he seriously is THAT good!) I want him to put his signature somewhere in the scorpion.  I mean, after all, it is original SK artwork, and when he’s famous, I’ll be WEARING it!!

Our drowning appt got canceled for today, thanks to it raining last night, and not being exactly warm and fuzzy today.  I mean, it’s warm, but not learn to drown warm!  So we’re going to try again next Wed.

Do you guys realize that the weekend of the 20th this month I have no kids and no plans, and after that I don’t have a kid/plan free weekend until Sept!!  Holy hell!  Oh well, I’m having the time of my life!  I’m hoping to get away for the weekend soon, to the coast, so we’ll see how that pans out 🙂

And speaking of traveling, Kristen was kind enough to remind me that I’m flying out on Friday the 13th!  I mean, I realized it was Friday obviously, and I realized it’s the 13th because it’s my sisters birthday, but I didn’t put the 2 together!  Damn her!  Like I wasn’t worried already!  I mean, I’ve been saying all week that my plane’s going down!  Oh well, I’m taking happy pills with me, and we start to lose altitude I’m downing the bottle so I don’t feel it by the time we hit bottom!

Alright, guess I should work…you know, this whole work thing really cuts into my blogging time! 😉

{July 9, 2007}   Shiny Things

So my ear is a little sore today. By sore I mean it was throbbing when I laid down last night and has a bit of blood today. I guess that’s normal though, and probably doesn’t help that I forgot to wash it this weekend because it was feeling fine. Guess this is why he said it’ll take a year to heal!

I have 4 day weeks all this month…well, you know, except last week, my 2 day week 😛 Makes me very happy, although I do love my job! Speaking of, we had a meeting today. Somehow talk turned to flying. Then the jokes started, about which airline is slower, later, etc. Out of no where, one guy pops off with a joke that slams “queers, lesbians, transvestites and stewardesses” all in one feel swoop (his words, NOT MINE!) No one laughed, everyone just got kinda quiet. One of the managers looked at him and said “You’re probably going to have to see HR about that one.” Honestly, it was hilarious, because it was SO inappropriate! I can’t believe the things some people say!!!!

This, of course, was followed up by a private conversation between my boss and I, where she said “I wore a tiara at my wedding, veils are for ugly brides!” I about fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard! It is true, I come to fun, not work. I have the best job in the world, with the best boss!!

So after our lunch meeting Kristen and I went for a walk, over the freeway, my favorite place (I love bridges!!). We found some tomatoes peaches, which she promptly started picking. It was hilarious, we’re in heels, in the dirt, stealing borrowing tomatoes peaches from someones tree that just happens to be hanging over the fence. I’m sure people think we’re insane!! We’re amused though, and that’s all that matters!

Oh yeah, Kristen is going to teach me how to swim! Yes, I know, you’re all thinking “Arlene, how can you possibly live in 206 degree weather and NOT know how to swim??” It’s a long story. But if Kristen has her way, I’ll know by the end of summer! First lesson is Wed 🙂 Wish me luck!

Random question…do you think chivalry is dead? I think my generation does…it’s sad.

Alright, back to work for me. I’m being a slacker! But I leave you with this:

{July 2, 2007}   Fuddruckers

Well, we made it home in one piece. We had so much fun, and it was just what we all needed! I’ve never taken the kids on a vacation before, and I’ve never gone on any real vacation like this, so it was great! The weather down there couldn’t have been better, and when we got home at 4 this morning, the kids said they wanted to go back there where it’s basically the same temp all the time 🙂 So I’m pretty sure we’re moving 😉

We ended up only doing the Zoo and Legoland. We spent 6 hours at Legoland and didn’t feel like going anywhere else afterwards, then yesterday we went to the Zoo, but Ty and Ariel were both sick by then, and Ty was NOT feeling the whole walking up and down hills just to see some animals. For rides, maybe. For animals, he wasn’t diggin’ it. So we probably only saw a quarter of the stuff there. It’s ok. I wasn’t impressed either. Seemed like every other exhibit was birds, and let’s face it, you can see birds anywhere! I’d go back to Legoland though! It was so much fun 🙂

Obviously there’s a ton we didn’t have time to do. Next time I think I’d like to go with no babies and walk around downtown SD and go through some museums and art galleries. Guess I need to start planning my next vacation 😉

So since everyone was sick (I wasn’t sick yet, just burned) I decided we’d drive home last night, which worked out great! The kids slept the entire drive, except for when I had to wake them to potty, we hit VERY little traffic, and all of the lights were gorgeous! Definitely a drive to make at night in my opinion!! It also allowed me to just zone out, listen to music, and reflect on life and such. All was going well until an old song by Randy Travis came on…it’s called Walked on Water I think. Made me think about my Uncle, which made me tear up. It’s amazing how much I still miss him and how much it still hurts 😦 Thank Bob for my Sirius, because I was able to follow that teary song up with some acoustic Dave, and then of course some Color Me Badd and NKOTB! Yes, you read that right, and I was singing along just like I was 12 again 😀 Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Sirius?? Yeah, 1276 miles driven total, with no commercials and no static. Doesn’t get any better folks!!

So, hands down, great trip. The kiddies and puppy were great, everyone had fun, and aside from my burn that required the doc checkin’ it out today, we’ve all got some great memories! I took a ton of pics, and eventually they’ll all be uploaded. At that point I’ll print some out for the kids so they can make scrapbooks to remember our trip by 🙂

Oh, my ear. It’s doing great. I know you guys were wondering 😉 I love it so much, and I’m so glad I did it!

And now, things I learned on this vacation:

  • I’m stronger than I thought, and going on vacation with my babies alone is just fine, even when people bang on my door at midnight
  • Motorcycle cops in So Cal cut through traffic at 80
  • There are only about 5 cops in all of So Cal, and none of them care that my windows are tinted
  • There are only about 4 Starbucks between here and So Cal
  • I have some of the best friends ever!
  • My car gets 30mpg even when I’m driving like an asshole in So Cal
  • SD is gorgeous, and working at Legoland will be fun
  • There are a TON more Starbucks between So Cal and here…I think they only open them and put the signs out at night
  • Swallowing knives hurts and is just plain silly…you shouldn’t do it
  • Vacation is fun, and should be done more often!

et cetera