Figuring It Out As I Go…

{April 9, 2007}   Happy Easter!

Our Easter was nice. We only had Ariel, as Ty’s dad had family plans, so she hunted her eggs, got her Easter basket, and was extremely happy with her stuff! I mean really, who doesn’t love candy and big rubber balls 🙂
Then we took her to see “Are We Done Yet” which we all LOVED! I even teared up at the end when there may have been a couple of babies born 😉
From there, we hung out a bit, then went to a late lunch, early dinner.
From there it was off to the hospital, because my tummy was hurting so much I was in tears and I was running a fever. I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but my right kidney is inflamed again, as is my bladder, among a couple other things. So, still home. I seriously think my body has just given up on me! And I still don’t know if I have diabetes…I’m waiting for my doc to call me back…
On another note, Saturday Ariel and I stopped by the pet store to look for a fish, and they had baby kittens there, looking for perm or foster homes. They were so cute, and Ariel stayed with them while I looked for the fish. By the time I got back up front to her, which wasn’t very long, she was almost in tears, wanting to bring them home so nothing bad happens to them. By the time we were in the car, she was crying 😦 My baby girl has such a big heart, especially when it comes to animals! She’ll literally watch Animal Planet for hours, including the vet shows where they’re operating on the animals! Alas, no kitties are in our future. John’s brother is EXTREMELY allergic to cats, and would literally not be able to come to our house if we had a kitty here 😦 It breaks my heart that my baby girl has such a big heart though, because I know she’s going to suffer a lot of heart break. I guess her sense of empathy also means I’ve done something right as a parent though…geez being a mommy is hard!
Have a great Monday ya’ll. I’m going to skip my Manic Monday today and go back to sleep now. Oh, and I uploaded some cute pics to Flickr.


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