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{April 26, 2007}   Protected: Quickly

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{March 19, 2007}   Midafternoon Musings…

I keep thinking that I’m going to go to blow my nose, and nothing will come out…HA! SOOOOOOO not the case!!!! I thought John was kidding last week when he said he couldn’t believe he still had stuff coming out of his nose! Jeez, this is the cold from HELL!
Tomorrow is my last day at work until the 2nd. Holy crap it’s going to be hard to come back! I’ll have already gotten over being bored I’m sure and moved on to entertaining myself all day 🙂 Oh well, can’t get rich sitting at home (like my job is making me rich!) 😉
I’m getting nervous about the surgery. I’m afraid I’m going to wake up as they’re taking the tube out of my throat…I know it sounds silly, but I’m just as worried about that as I am the pain! What if I think I’m choking or something? And oh yeah, I’m worried about the pain afterward! I know it’s going to hurt like a bitch, ’cause the nice doc said so! Oh well, I’ll just keep reminding myself that I’ll have good drugs, and I’ll be able to BREATHE and drain properly afterwards 🙂 Both good things! I’m also praying I’m well enough for the surgery, because them canceling it at the last minute would pretty much suck ass for all involved!! I’m curious what I’m going to look like when all is said and done too. I mean, he’s breaking my nose, and putting it back together. He’s already told me I’ll look different, and it’ll be good, I just hope I agree that it’s good! Any movies you guys think I should rent while home? I know I want to see Flicka, and it’s on OnDemand right now, so I’ll have to watch it. I want to see Click too, so I’ll have to head to the video store for that one. Better stock up before I’m high and can’t drive or be seen in public!!!
Have you guys noticed that I haven’t exercised or lost more weight? Yeah, that whole week I was feeling blah and sad I didn’t go to the gym, and last week when I was sick I didn’t go to the gym, and this week I have my surgery, and next week I’m recovering, so basically March is done! We’ll hope for better in April, as we’re getting dangerously close to cute clothes weather, and my ass is NOT ready for cute clothes!!
My sister hasn’t written me back. I’m not sure how much to push, but I really want us to be in each others’ lives…guess I just have to wait her out and do it on her time…
Oh yeah, and my burl…not doing anything. I feel gipped!!
Um, yeah, I think that’s it for now 🙂

{February 20, 2007}   My Burl
What is a burl?
A Redwood Burl is a mass of dormant buds that grow on the side of the Coastal redwood. Burls develop from a bud which originated at the central core of the tree. the original bud, for some unknown reason, remains dormant instead of growing into a branch. When burl are cut from the tree, they regenerate, therefore causing no harm to the tree itself. When the burl is placed in a dish of water, it sprouts fern-like foliage, making a decorative houseplant
Follow this link to see what it will look like all big and strong 🙂This is my redwood burl. Sarah and I both got one. Mine, of course, is at work. Supposedly in a few weeks I’ll have some sprouts. It’s not supposed to get big…just be kinda like a fern. I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

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