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{March 31, 2007}   The Holiday and The Barnyard

I watched The Holiday last night. It was a really good chick flick!! Lots of great lovey dovey scenes, humor, and a really good story, and ending. If you’re into chick flicks, and Cameron Diaz isn’t like nails on a chalk board for you, then you’ll love this movie 🙂

Tyler watched The Barnyard last night in the bedroom while I dozed off and on on the couch, and he giggled the whole time. He said it was a great movie! So Ariel and I watched it today, and we giggled the whole time. It was so cute, with great characters, and GREAT VOICES! Some of my favorite people were doing the voices (none of which I can remember the names of right now) and I always love that. There was some great little lessons for the kiddies, right and wrong type stuff, and some great adult humor, including a cow with a Razr that rings “Hello Moto” Great stuff! And don’t let your animals fool you folks, when the babies are born, they hold them and cradle them like humans 😉

So there you go, 2 more movies for you guys 🙂


{March 31, 2007}   Grrr

So when I added my MisterLinky script, it shrunk the text and post footers on my older posts, meaning you almost can’t even see the comments and time stamp…I’m sorry about this. I pulled MisterLinky, but it didn’t fix it. So, it is what it is I guess. Oh well, it’s ok going forward I guess…

** A lot of people have asked where the water goes…if you click here, it’ll tell and show you 🙂 **

Welcome to Saturday Photo Hunters, brought to us by TNChick. Today’s assignment is water.

This is the Glory Hole…

At this lake…

And with no overflow…

Welcome to the Glory Hole, at the Monticello Dam, at Lake Berryessa. This is one of my most favorite places to go, and I visit it often! It’s so gorgeous, and I’ve been going there since I was a little girl, having grown up right by it 🙂 It’s also become a favorite place for my kids, as they just can not fathom how this huge drain works!!

So there you have it. Did you play?

{March 31, 2007}   Day 9, Patch and Movies
Holy shit, look at those eyebrows!!! I need to get them waxed, but I’m so afraid it’ll hurt! And I’d totally pluck them, but up until today, I hadn’t really noticed them. Oh, and I normally balance my hand on my nose when I’m plucking, and barely touching my nose hurts like hell. So, I’ll have amazon brows for a bit longer!

I have a bit more bruising today, which is normal. Doc said I’d be a bit more bruised and swollen for a few days after taking the cast off.
I feel much better today. Almost feeling human. I’m so nervous about going back to work though, because I am still taking pain meds, and I’m still sleeping a lot. I may not be able to work full day the first couple days…definitely don’t want to over do it!!
Oh, and do you know how wonderful it was to sleep laying down last night?? Amazing!!!

Oh, I finally answered all my comments from the past few posts. Sorry I was so slow on that!! I also added the Snap thing the other day. What do you guys think about it? Does it bug you, do you like it? I like to keep my readers happy 🙂

Look at how cute my boy is when he’s sleeping! Any time I move he totally takes over my spot!! And look at all those spots! I think he’s part dalmatian 😉

Alright folks, time for more movies! I’ll let you know what I think, and what the kids think 🙂

{March 30, 2007}   SPF – Behind

Welcome to Stuff Portrait Fridays, brought to us by Kristine. Today’s assignment is Behind.

Do you see the Golden Gate, behind the clouds? Almost beach time again!!

Did you play??

{March 30, 2007}   Day 8
*Coupla things I forgot to add. My bruising and swelling will probably get worse for a few days, then get better again. And those nasal splints were so far IN my nose that you couldn’t see them!!*
It hurts…

But I’m trying to smile…

I went to the doctor today. He took out the stitches and nasal splints and took the cast off. It hurt like hell, and I cried. I can breathe now though!!! WooHoo bitches!!!
But yeah, it hurts really bad now. My nose, head and eyes all hurt like hell! I couldn’t wait to get home and take pain meds!
Oh, and I’m sick. I told him I’ve been feeling crappy, and I was running a fever when the nurse took my temperature. He said I have bumps on my throat and tongue and have a virus/cold. I asked what that means, and he said it means I get to come see him again next week to make sure it doesn’t cause an infection in my nose. Great. Seriously people, I’m ready to be well!!!
But yeah, aside from the pain, I can freaking breathe, and that makes me oh so happy! I can even sleep laying down again! Speaking of, I think I’ll take a nap now!

{March 29, 2007}   Thursday 13 – Pet Peeves
Welcome to Thursday 13, brought to us this week by Beside the Pointe.
Today’s theme is Pet Peeves.

1. Telemarkers. Period. They irritate the crap out of me!!

2. People that answer phones that don’t speak English. If you’re going to answer a phone here, learn the damn language!!

3. Yapping dogs. Big or small, if you’re yapping for no reason, you’ve just become a kick me dog!

4. Being told I don’t know what I’m talking about, when I KNOW that I do!

5. Being late. I hate being late, and I hate it when others are late! To me, it’s rude (unless there really is a good reason.)

6. Cranky people. I know, everyone has a bad day, but try not to be an ass to everyone else.

7. People who can’t drive. The fast lane is not for going 55, and the slow lane 4 lanes over isn’t a passing lane because the freeway is going 90 and that’s not fast enough for you. Don’t try to cause an accident you shit head!

8. Misbehaved kids. My kids aren’t perfect, but they know how to behave in public, because I’ve taught them, and they know there are consequences to acting like heathens in public!!

9. And speaking of misbehaved kids, parents who count should be slapped! You tell them to stop, or whatever the case may be, and you follow through with a consequence. It’s not a space shuttle launch and doesn’t require a countdown!

10. Returning things. Yup, it truly is a pet peeve. I hate it, and will give something away or just keep it before I return it!!

11. People who don’t answer their cell phone, and don’t silence the ringing. If you’re not going to answer your phone, don’t. But don’t subject everyone else to it’s ringing either.

12. People that always know what’s best, and feel it necessary to tell you, over and over again, especially if you’re not listening. This really becomes an issue when new babies are born. People you don’t even know feel it necessary to tell you how you should raise your baby!

13. Repairmen. The majority of them, not matter what their fixing, think that just because you have breasts you automatically have no clue what your talking about! For instance, when my car was a week old there was oil shooting out of the top of my motor. The fucktard at Nissan tried to tell me this was a normal part of a new car working itself in. Little did he know, I’m the queen of cars, and I’m no dummy! It took John going down there though, and all of a sudden the top half of my motor had to be replaced! Jerks!

Well, there you have it folks, 13 of my pet peeves. Did you play?

Well, we’re at Day 7. I’m not feeling very well. I’m still running a fever. The kids came home today, and I had to run Ariel to ortho, and I just about passed out. Everyone at the office kept saying how pale I was. I’m glad I’m going to the doctor tomorrow…I don’t like the way I’m feeling. My nose hurts today, my eyes burn, my head hurts…not good. I did wash my hair finally though! I am so happy to have the kids home though! They were both so happy to see me, especially Ariel 🙂 And they thought the sunroof was the coolest! They’re my sweet love bugs and I missed them so much, so I’m a very happy girl!!
So, here’s what Patch and I have been doing since my surgery 🙂 He’s my love bug!
Speaking of dogs, I’ve been thinking about getting another one. John said if I want another one it has to be a small one, which is fine. I’ve been looking at Shih Tzu’s. They’re cute and supposed to be good family dogs. I’m thinking if I do get one, I’ll get an adult from a rescue that needs a good/new home. We’ll see.

So this is what happened earlier. I moved the carton of eggs in the fridge, let the door shut, and heard it hit something. I turned around to see the egg carton partially hanging out and egg dripping down. Great. So I open the door a bit to survey the damage, and let go of it again to grab a towel. Another crunch. 2 eggs down. Damn! Oh well. This is why you don’t play in the fridge high!!

So, on to the movie reviews! Tonight we’re reviewing My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Blood Diamond, and Ant Bully (yup, kids are home!)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend was ok. It had funny spots, and it had a good ending, just didn’t jump out and grab me. I’d say if you’re bored and it happens to be on, watch it. But don’t go out of your way to see it.

Blood Diamond was amazing! I’ve been watching so many movies about Africa lately, and it really intrigues me. I’d like to study it and learn more! But yeah, the movie was great, and was really touching in some places. The one man in the movie was a little screamy for my taste, but I’d say that was my only complaint. I definitely recommend this movie! It is a bit gory though, just an FYI.

The kids loved Ant Bully. I was dozing, so I can’t tell you anything about it, not that I would, but they kept waking me up laughing 🙂 I think tomorrow when they get home we’re going to watch Open Season. I’ve been really wanting to see it, so let’s hope I can stay awake 🙂

So there you have it folks. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

{March 29, 2007}   Three Word Wednesday

Welcome to 3WW, brought to us by Bone.
Today’s words are Easily, Type and Shattered.

I thought I would easily bounce back from my surgery. When my doctor told me he was taking me off work for a week and a half, I figured I’d be fine by Tuesday or Wednesday and just enjoy my free days off. HA. Boy was I wrong! I get all pale and shaky if I’m up for too long, I still can’t breathe or taste, and I’m still sleeping sitting up. I go back to the doc today, so we’ll see what he says. He’s not the type to pull punches or pussy foot, so I trust what he tells me. If he says I can’t go back to work on Monday though, I’ll be shattered! Staying home and still feeling icky is getting old! I’m ready to get on with my life, and enjoy my sunroof 🙂

There you have it! So, did you play?

{March 28, 2007}   My First Wild Card Wednesday

Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday, brought to us by The Kept Woman.

Today, I give you a water color of my wonder dog, Patch 🙂

So, did you play??

et cetera