Figuring It Out As I Go…

Sounds like a great day huh 😉 It’s really a book I’m reading…

I can’t believe I forgot to post my lessons learned in MN! My cute little Dash…yeah, it’s durable! It flew off the top of Katie’s car at 50mph! It’s fine. In one piece. Scratched. No big deal. I almost cried though! I mean, seriously, this thing isn’t even paid for yet! So yeah, great phone, and VERY durable!

My Aunt Betty and Cheril have been down here all week. I love it. I’ve gotten to spend so much time with them! We had a BBQ tonight for my cousin Nathan…he’s 31. Damn that’s old 😉

I took Frankie to the vet…he was coughing. $270 later, he had an antibiotic, antihistamine, and was updated on his vaccines. My wallet hurts though. Damn expensive ass dog! Andrew brought up a good point though: It’d be hard to explain to the kids why he was dead 😉

I watched Georgia Rule tonight. Great movie!!!!! It even made me cry, which, let’s be honest here, isn’t hard to do lately. Speaking of, I have a brain dump coming…I’m going to password it though. I’ll email ya’ll the password when the time comes, and if I don’t email you, feel free to email me

Oh yeah…I’m stealing the send me your address idea. I realized tonight when I was picking up my bedroom that I have a ton of postcards lying around from the trips this summer. So send me your address (if you trust me) and I’ll send you a random card or post card. It’ll be a fun way for us all to wrap up summer and get through winter, which I know can be very long for some of you! And if you don’t want to email me your addy, that’s fine too. I’m easy peasy tonight. Could be the vicodin I took for my ankle. Whatev.

Oh, my ankle. Yeah, it’s fucked. And by fucked I mean I may have to have a pin put in it. I’ve been doing physical therapy twice a week for a month, still going. I have a brace that they special ordered me that I have to wear 24/7. It’s fun. Only not. Oh, and did I mention it hurts like HELL! Yeah. It does. So there is no running in my future…I can ride a bike though, which I’ve been doing almost every night. I LOVE it 🙂

Ok, that’s all for now. I’m going to go read blogs like a good little girl. Oh, check out the pics in my flickr. Got a cute froggie today 🙂


{June 19, 2007}   Fire

So in keeping with my traveling trend, I want to go to Alabama and Texas next. I’m thinking in Nov for my birthday (the 14th, hint hint!) To go from Sacramento to Huntsville to Dallas to Sacramento is about $400 cheaper ($570 total) than taking the 2 trips separately on separate weekends. So that’s what I want to do. We’ll see how funds are though. We all know I’m a broke ass bitch!

Speaking of traveling, I talked to the traveling Kami today. She was cracking me up in a big way!! Will definitely be talking to her more often!! Can’t wait to get shitty with that girl!!

So I learned something about myself recently, that I always kinda knew, but it was reinforced. I’m a hands on learner. Period. I learn best while doing and just working my way through it. I’m not good at telling you how I’m doing it either. In normal situations, when I’m working alone, it works out just fine, but I was working with Kristen this week on a training project, and thank Bob we’re opposites on that sort of thing, because she was able to take the notes while I did the steps, and it worked out great for both of us. I can see how that could be a problem in the future, but can you really change the way you learn? I mean, after all these years of carrying a 4.0 and not taking notes…it’s obviously working for me. Anyway, just a random observation.

Another random observation. Frankie is the sweetest most loving doggy in the whole wide world, and I love him more than I can explain, but if he pees on the floor again, or sneaks into Sarah’s room to poop in the closet, I will plug both of his holes! Seriously! I don’t even have to tell you what will happen if he grabs another shoe. Thank Bob he loves riding in the car with me, because seriously, I love taking him places with me and not having to worry that he’s going to be nervous or puke in my car!

Oh yeah, how’s my car you ask? The same. I’m thinking I’m going to have to break down and take it to the shop before I drive it to San Diego. How fun would that be to break down somewhere in between…yeah, the kids and muttley would love that!! I’m oh so excited for this trip too!! Only a week and a half away!!! WooHoo bitches!!!!!!! I click on my tickers almost every day to remind myself that vacations rock! Now I just need to book my TX/AL trip and I think I’ll be set for a bit 🙂

Sarah and I saw Knocked Up last night, and it was so freaking cute! You have to go see it!!!! Cracked me up!! And then today I took the kids to see Nancy Drew, and it was really cute for the pre-teen age girls. Ariel loved it! Tyler did fine the entire time until literally a minute before it ended, then said he was bored. I know he wasn’t that into it, he’s just a good kid like that.

Speaking of my good kids, Sarah and I ran to the store the other night and Andrew stayed home with the kiddies. He offered them ice cream, and since it was bedtime and they’d already brushed their teeth they both said no! NO! Yup, those are my babies 🙂 I love ’em so! I think Sarah and Andrew are both secretly convinced I’ve beaten them into submission 😉

Alright, that’s enough for tonight. I’m actually trying to watch a movie, and I’m not that into it. So there ya go. Night ‘nets!

I wasn’t sure about Sherry Baby, but I grabbed it because I recently watched a movie with Maggie Gyllenhaal in it, so her being on the cover intrigued me.
There’s only a couple of moments in the movie where you feel sorry for her, a young mom just out of prison, trying to stay off of drugs. Her brother and his wife are raising her 5 yr old daughter. From the moment you see that little girl and the way they interact together, it pulls at your heart strings. The mom in me wanted to reach out and hold this poor little girl, and take away all the confusion she was feeling! Towards the end though, you get a better glimpse into why the mom became who she is, and you feel a bit for her.
I thought it was a good movie, good characters, good story, good ending. Note, I’m saying good, not amazing or anything. But if you happen to grab it, I think you’ll enjoy it.

I just finished watching Stranger Than Fiction, and it was great!! I didn’t at all expect it to be anything more than just ok, so I was really blown away. You instantly feel for the main character, feeling frustrated and confused right along with him (can’t tell you why) and you’re on the edge of your seat by the end of the movie, dying to know how it’s going to end! And this one had a great cast, Maggie Gyllenhaal again, Queen Latifah, Will Ferrel, and Dustin Hoffman, all playing great parts, all bringing the pieces of the puzzle together for you! And the ending was great, truly touching!
So I totally recommend this movie!! Much more than the previews made it out to be…at least for me!

Movie Review time! WooHoo!!

Come Early Morning:
This movie was just ok. It was about a girl who gets drunk, sleeps around, then falls in love. Nothing about it really jumped out at me, which was really disappointing, because I’m a BIG Ashley Judd fan! I’d say if it’s on, watch it, but don’t go out of your way to see it.

Meet The Robinson’s:
So cute, and so funny!! Not to mention I almost teared up at the end!! Totally worth the $40 it cost us at the movies!! I totally recommend it, in fact, I say if you have kids, you have to see it!!

All The Kings Men:
I felt like there was a really good story behind this movie, but I don’t feel like they portrayed it very well. It felt slow, and a little drawn out. Not to mention the suspenseful music through the ENTIRE movie, for absolutely no reason most of the time! So, if the story interests you, I’d say watch it, but don’t go into it expecting too much.

And finally, The Sentinel:
This was a great movie, with a LOT of suspense and drama! You kinda figure out early on who the bad guy is, but you totally second guess yourself throughout the rest of the movie! Great story, great plot, and great actors!! I definitely recommend this one!!!

So there you go folks. More to come later 🙂

{March 31, 2007}   The Holiday and The Barnyard

I watched The Holiday last night. It was a really good chick flick!! Lots of great lovey dovey scenes, humor, and a really good story, and ending. If you’re into chick flicks, and Cameron Diaz isn’t like nails on a chalk board for you, then you’ll love this movie 🙂

Tyler watched The Barnyard last night in the bedroom while I dozed off and on on the couch, and he giggled the whole time. He said it was a great movie! So Ariel and I watched it today, and we giggled the whole time. It was so cute, with great characters, and GREAT VOICES! Some of my favorite people were doing the voices (none of which I can remember the names of right now) and I always love that. There was some great little lessons for the kiddies, right and wrong type stuff, and some great adult humor, including a cow with a Razr that rings “Hello Moto” Great stuff! And don’t let your animals fool you folks, when the babies are born, they hold them and cradle them like humans 😉

So there you go, 2 more movies for you guys 🙂

{March 31, 2007}   Day 9, Patch and Movies
Holy shit, look at those eyebrows!!! I need to get them waxed, but I’m so afraid it’ll hurt! And I’d totally pluck them, but up until today, I hadn’t really noticed them. Oh, and I normally balance my hand on my nose when I’m plucking, and barely touching my nose hurts like hell. So, I’ll have amazon brows for a bit longer!

I have a bit more bruising today, which is normal. Doc said I’d be a bit more bruised and swollen for a few days after taking the cast off.
I feel much better today. Almost feeling human. I’m so nervous about going back to work though, because I am still taking pain meds, and I’m still sleeping a lot. I may not be able to work full day the first couple days…definitely don’t want to over do it!!
Oh, and do you know how wonderful it was to sleep laying down last night?? Amazing!!!

Oh, I finally answered all my comments from the past few posts. Sorry I was so slow on that!! I also added the Snap thing the other day. What do you guys think about it? Does it bug you, do you like it? I like to keep my readers happy 🙂

Look at how cute my boy is when he’s sleeping! Any time I move he totally takes over my spot!! And look at all those spots! I think he’s part dalmatian 😉

Alright folks, time for more movies! I’ll let you know what I think, and what the kids think 🙂

Well, we’re at Day 7. I’m not feeling very well. I’m still running a fever. The kids came home today, and I had to run Ariel to ortho, and I just about passed out. Everyone at the office kept saying how pale I was. I’m glad I’m going to the doctor tomorrow…I don’t like the way I’m feeling. My nose hurts today, my eyes burn, my head hurts…not good. I did wash my hair finally though! I am so happy to have the kids home though! They were both so happy to see me, especially Ariel 🙂 And they thought the sunroof was the coolest! They’re my sweet love bugs and I missed them so much, so I’m a very happy girl!!
So, here’s what Patch and I have been doing since my surgery 🙂 He’s my love bug!
Speaking of dogs, I’ve been thinking about getting another one. John said if I want another one it has to be a small one, which is fine. I’ve been looking at Shih Tzu’s. They’re cute and supposed to be good family dogs. I’m thinking if I do get one, I’ll get an adult from a rescue that needs a good/new home. We’ll see.

So this is what happened earlier. I moved the carton of eggs in the fridge, let the door shut, and heard it hit something. I turned around to see the egg carton partially hanging out and egg dripping down. Great. So I open the door a bit to survey the damage, and let go of it again to grab a towel. Another crunch. 2 eggs down. Damn! Oh well. This is why you don’t play in the fridge high!!

So, on to the movie reviews! Tonight we’re reviewing My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Blood Diamond, and Ant Bully (yup, kids are home!)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend was ok. It had funny spots, and it had a good ending, just didn’t jump out and grab me. I’d say if you’re bored and it happens to be on, watch it. But don’t go out of your way to see it.

Blood Diamond was amazing! I’ve been watching so many movies about Africa lately, and it really intrigues me. I’d like to study it and learn more! But yeah, the movie was great, and was really touching in some places. The one man in the movie was a little screamy for my taste, but I’d say that was my only complaint. I definitely recommend this movie! It is a bit gory though, just an FYI.

The kids loved Ant Bully. I was dozing, so I can’t tell you anything about it, not that I would, but they kept waking me up laughing 🙂 I think tomorrow when they get home we’re going to watch Open Season. I’ve been really wanting to see it, so let’s hope I can stay awake 🙂

So there you have it folks. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Watched both last night 🙂
So, The Lake House. This was a pretty good story, and as long as you didn’t let yourself dwell on the logistics, and took the movie at face value, it was really good. I enjoyed it and would recommend it 🙂
Little Miss Sunshine was good too. Kinda like a modern day Griswalds, in more ways than one 😉 Some good moments, and lots of comedy! I recommend this one too 🙂

I know, these movie reviews are totally short. I’m not feeling oh so great today. Kinda light headed. I haven’t taken any pain meds today, just Aleve, as my babies are coming home tomorrow and I want it all out of my system. I’m hurting though, which may be part of the light headedness, so I think I’m going to take half a pain pill. I’m ready to be well!
I’ll take a pic later. I think I’m going to wash my hair, so I’ll take a pic then, when I’m looking more human.
And now I understand why my doc took me off work so long. Yuck!!

{March 26, 2007}   Friends With Money

Yup, that’s about what I think of this movie. I didn’t care much for the story line, and I think it was severely lacking! I really think they could have done so much more with this movie, and it’s characters.
And the ending…HORRIBLE!!
So yeah, I don’t recommend this one. Not even to watch for free on TV.

And yeah, I’m post happy. Pretty much you guys and this blog are what’s keeping me sane 🙂

{March 26, 2007}   Flicka

Alright, watched Flicka. This was a movie I really wanted to see, mostly because I’m so in love with horses and typically watch any movie to do with them. This movie didn’t impress me though. I kinda had the feeling that I’d seen the story through all the little plot lines, which gave it a very predictable feel, something I don’t like in movies. Now, if it was predictable for me on drugs, I can only imagine how it’d be for someone sober!
Anyways, there were a few good moments, and the horses really were gorgeous. But all in all, the movie was just ok. I don’t think I’d recommend renting it…maybe just wait until it comes on regular TV or the premium channels if you have those.

et cetera