Figuring It Out As I Go…

Sounds like a great day huh 😉 It’s really a book I’m reading…

I can’t believe I forgot to post my lessons learned in MN! My cute little Dash…yeah, it’s durable! It flew off the top of Katie’s car at 50mph! It’s fine. In one piece. Scratched. No big deal. I almost cried though! I mean, seriously, this thing isn’t even paid for yet! So yeah, great phone, and VERY durable!

My Aunt Betty and Cheril have been down here all week. I love it. I’ve gotten to spend so much time with them! We had a BBQ tonight for my cousin Nathan…he’s 31. Damn that’s old 😉

I took Frankie to the vet…he was coughing. $270 later, he had an antibiotic, antihistamine, and was updated on his vaccines. My wallet hurts though. Damn expensive ass dog! Andrew brought up a good point though: It’d be hard to explain to the kids why he was dead 😉

I watched Georgia Rule tonight. Great movie!!!!! It even made me cry, which, let’s be honest here, isn’t hard to do lately. Speaking of, I have a brain dump coming…I’m going to password it though. I’ll email ya’ll the password when the time comes, and if I don’t email you, feel free to email me

Oh yeah…I’m stealing the send me your address idea. I realized tonight when I was picking up my bedroom that I have a ton of postcards lying around from the trips this summer. So send me your address (if you trust me) and I’ll send you a random card or post card. It’ll be a fun way for us all to wrap up summer and get through winter, which I know can be very long for some of you! And if you don’t want to email me your addy, that’s fine too. I’m easy peasy tonight. Could be the vicodin I took for my ankle. Whatev.

Oh, my ankle. Yeah, it’s fucked. And by fucked I mean I may have to have a pin put in it. I’ve been doing physical therapy twice a week for a month, still going. I have a brace that they special ordered me that I have to wear 24/7. It’s fun. Only not. Oh, and did I mention it hurts like HELL! Yeah. It does. So there is no running in my future…I can ride a bike though, which I’ve been doing almost every night. I LOVE it 🙂

Ok, that’s all for now. I’m going to go read blogs like a good little girl. Oh, check out the pics in my flickr. Got a cute froggie today 🙂


So yeah, I’ve been pulled over twice in a week for my windows…I think I’m going to finally pull the tint off. It was fun while it lasted, but I don’t have the time or money for all these fix it tickets!

I hated my Blast phone, so I traded it in for the Tmobile Dash. So far, I love it! And today is my second day with it, so I think we’ll be ok this time! It’s a “smart phone” and I can synch it with my Outlook, listen to music on it, text easily with the FULL Qwerty board, etc. It’s a great phone so far!!

I took Ariel to her consultation to have 4 teeth pulled with the oral surgeon yesterday. You see, her teeth are so close together that they’re not falling out, so the adult teeth are below the surface and starting to turn because there’s no where for them to go. Not good. So on the 23rd they’re puttin’ her out and yankin’ the teeth! She’s not worried at all. I, on the other hand, am freaking the fuck out that they’re putting my baby to sleep! I know I have no reason to, but she’s my baby dammit!! Oh, and did I mention, AFTER insurance, it’s going to cost $565!!!! Yeah, my dental insurance doesn’t want to pay to put a 9 YEAR OLD to sleep to pull 4 TEETH! Assholes. The oral surgeons biller is going to try to get it covered, which means her dad and I will get reimbursed, but in the mean time, we have to pay the full $565. I thank Bob that he and his wife are so willing to cover half (like they’re supposed to) and that we don’t have to fight about stuff like this!

I went to my doc yesterday for my ankle, because I rolled it again, and got some wonderful news:

  • I can’t run anymore, for at least 6 months, but maybe not ever.
  • The only cardio I can do is ride a bike or swim…we all know I don’t know how to swim so I guess I need to buy a bike, because….
  • I also have to lose weight…20-30lbs to be exact. He said having extra weight on my ankle is not helping it, and right now, it needs all the help it can get!
  • I’m also back in physical therapy, and he wants me on crutches (um, no thank you!)

So physical therapy starts back up next week. Weight loss starts tomorrow, and I guess I need to count some pennies to fund a bike after paying for her freaking teeth to get yanked!

Carlos is THIS Friday! I can’t wait!

Official trip to MN countdown: 16 days baby, 16 days! Oh, did I mention I’m a jackass? Yeah, I didn’t realize the first Monday in Sept is a holiday. I totally could have stayed another day! Oh well. I can’t change my tickets now, it’ll cost around $100. It just means I’ll have a day of rest before coming back to work, which I’m sure I’ll need 😛

Oh, and today’s the kids’ first day back to school. 1st and 4th grades! Holy shit when did they grow up????? Ariel has blue hair again too. It’s not nearly as cute as it was last time, but if you’re so inclined, you know where to find the pictures! I’ll be uploading more tonight when I get home 🙂

Alright, I think that’s it. Gotta work now!

{May 9, 2007}   Luchtime

A conversation on the way to lunch, with she who shall remain nameless…

“We need to get gas before we go eat or we may not make it.” (her)

“I am NOT pushing this thing!!” (me)

“It’s ok, the lights only been on for about 20 miles, we should be fine.” (her)

“Right. Can we bring one of those worker guys with us?” (me)

“We’ll be fine!” (her)

“Well, you do drive pretty good on the freeway…” (me)

“Oh my God, not this morning! For some reason I thought I was so much closer to work than I actually was! By the time I got to the gym to take a shower-” (her)

“You showered at the gym this morning???” (me)

“Yeah, why?” (her)

“You went into the gym, took a shower, and left?” (me)

“Yeah, I didn’t want to take a shower at their house. So anyway….” (her)

Um, yeah…I was seriously laughing so hard my face hurt! Which continued through lunch, when I shot soda from my nose laughing!! Yeah, very ladylike!!

Happy Hump Day folks!!

{April 26, 2007}   Protected: Quickly

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{March 19, 2007}   Midafternoon Musings…

I keep thinking that I’m going to go to blow my nose, and nothing will come out…HA! SOOOOOOO not the case!!!! I thought John was kidding last week when he said he couldn’t believe he still had stuff coming out of his nose! Jeez, this is the cold from HELL!
Tomorrow is my last day at work until the 2nd. Holy crap it’s going to be hard to come back! I’ll have already gotten over being bored I’m sure and moved on to entertaining myself all day 🙂 Oh well, can’t get rich sitting at home (like my job is making me rich!) 😉
I’m getting nervous about the surgery. I’m afraid I’m going to wake up as they’re taking the tube out of my throat…I know it sounds silly, but I’m just as worried about that as I am the pain! What if I think I’m choking or something? And oh yeah, I’m worried about the pain afterward! I know it’s going to hurt like a bitch, ’cause the nice doc said so! Oh well, I’ll just keep reminding myself that I’ll have good drugs, and I’ll be able to BREATHE and drain properly afterwards 🙂 Both good things! I’m also praying I’m well enough for the surgery, because them canceling it at the last minute would pretty much suck ass for all involved!! I’m curious what I’m going to look like when all is said and done too. I mean, he’s breaking my nose, and putting it back together. He’s already told me I’ll look different, and it’ll be good, I just hope I agree that it’s good! Any movies you guys think I should rent while home? I know I want to see Flicka, and it’s on OnDemand right now, so I’ll have to watch it. I want to see Click too, so I’ll have to head to the video store for that one. Better stock up before I’m high and can’t drive or be seen in public!!!
Have you guys noticed that I haven’t exercised or lost more weight? Yeah, that whole week I was feeling blah and sad I didn’t go to the gym, and last week when I was sick I didn’t go to the gym, and this week I have my surgery, and next week I’m recovering, so basically March is done! We’ll hope for better in April, as we’re getting dangerously close to cute clothes weather, and my ass is NOT ready for cute clothes!!
My sister hasn’t written me back. I’m not sure how much to push, but I really want us to be in each others’ lives…guess I just have to wait her out and do it on her time…
Oh yeah, and my burl…not doing anything. I feel gipped!!
Um, yeah, I think that’s it for now 🙂

{March 6, 2007}   Quickly!

So, just a quick post before I start work…
As I posted Saturday, the memorial was fine. Saturday night John and I went to the bestest massage place in the whole wide world for 2 hours worth of pampering! Yeah, that helped the stress 🙂
Sunday morning Sarah and Andrew came over so we could go play in Muir Woods, ’cause we’ve decided it’s almost as good as Disneyland (haven’t been there, so yeah, I can say that!). After a yummy breakfast, we were off and running, hitting little to no traffic all the way there 🙂
We had a great time in the woods! I mean, it’s gorgeous there, how could you not be happy! We took a TON of pictures! I have them ready on my laptop so I can upload them to Flickr, so I’ll do that tonight. John also made me an animation of some of the water in the creek, so I’ll upload that too. Towards the end Sarah and I were getting quite silly, so they’ll be an animation of that too 🙂
After the woods, we went to the movies and saw Wild Hogs. HILARIOUS! I highly recommend it!!! I’ll do a move review later 🙂
I added my exercise and weight loss tickers to the very bottom of my blog, so you guys can keep me on track 🙂
Um, yeah, that’s it I think. Short and sweet right? Right!

{February 21, 2007}   Random Wednesday!

I picked up my Uncle’s memorial cards yesterday. His memorial is March 3rd, and I told my Aunt I’d make the cards. I actually didn’t get far before I started crying, so John had to make them. When my Aunt said she wanted 100, I decided Kinko’s could print them 🙂 I cried when I picked them up though. He looks so happy on them…it’s how I want to remember him, but all these steps just keep making it more final that he’s gone.I may have broken one of the toilets this morning. I’ve been using this lip plumper from Avon. You put it on twice a day. I LOVE IT!! But, I may have ACCIDENTALLY dropped it in the toilet as it was flushing this morning. It’s about as big around as a tampon, and longer than a tube of mascara. John says it’s stuck. He says he’s going to have to take the toilet off and get it out of the whoop-de-doo part. He didn’t find it nearly as amusing as I did…oops!

I’ve been a good girl, and gone to the gym the last 2 nights. I think I’m out of my funk, and I’m ready to start shedding pounds again!! I have to go slow, because of my ankle, but I’m really enjoying myself 🙂

I got a call yesterday from a random guy. Apparently I dropped my business card into a fishbowl at my fav Mexican place, and I won a free lunch for myself and 6 friends. So a group of us from work are going on Friday! I’m so excited!! I’ve never won anything before!

I think I made my car mad. I put gas in it, and realized a day or so in that there was a trend. Every time I get gas at this place, my car gets a little irritated. It’s a little more so this time. When I push on the gas, it jumps a little, and I swear the Nissan symbol on my steering wheel flips me off! I was on half a tank this morning, so I put good gas in it, and I’m going to put an additive in it tonight, and hopefully it will be all happy again 🙂

Well, I think that’s all for my random post…Happy Hump Day!!

{January 3, 2007}   Random Wednesday

I just noticed that the progress marker for my weight loss ticker is in black, so if you’re really interested in my progress, you have to click on my ticker. Silly, I know, but I don’t want to change the background color of my blog just for this ticker!

Yesterday on the way home, there was some idiot that kept switching lanes, cutting people off, causing them to slam on their brakes, and the whole time, he got NOWHERE! I hate people like that!! Then, this morning, it’s foggy as hell, and people start slamming on their brakes, like that’s going to make the situation better! I swear, I should have my own lane where I don’t have to deal with idiot drivers!!
Speaking of driving though, my Sasha (yes, I name my cars!) is officially a year old, and I’ve managed to put 22,500 miles on her in a year!! Geez I drive a lot, and most of it is just random, I think I’ll go for a drive today driving. I love my baby though, and her little computer tells me I’m averaging 31mpg!! Pretty darn good!!

My Patch is growing so fast! We took him to the vet on Saturday for his booster shots, and he’s gained 4 pounds since we got him. He’s up to 20.4 pounds, and is about 3.5 months old. He’s a real love bug, and wants to be in my lap at all times if I’m sitting. I’m setting a bad precedent for when he’s 80lbs!! He’s also finally learning to walk on a leash. Stubborn shit was just digging in his heels and letting you drag him. He’s finally gotten that it’s more fun to walk than be dragged!

Last, but not least, my face is healing, and isn’t quite as scary as it was. I’m not as embarrassed to go out in public now 🙂

Happy Hump Day folks!!

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