Figuring It Out As I Go…

{July 2, 2007}   Fuddruckers

Well, we made it home in one piece. We had so much fun, and it was just what we all needed! I’ve never taken the kids on a vacation before, and I’ve never gone on any real vacation like this, so it was great! The weather down there couldn’t have been better, and when we got home at 4 this morning, the kids said they wanted to go back there where it’s basically the same temp all the time πŸ™‚ So I’m pretty sure we’re moving πŸ˜‰

We ended up only doing the Zoo and Legoland. We spent 6 hours at Legoland and didn’t feel like going anywhere else afterwards, then yesterday we went to the Zoo, but Ty and Ariel were both sick by then, and Ty was NOT feeling the whole walking up and down hills just to see some animals. For rides, maybe. For animals, he wasn’t diggin’ it. So we probably only saw a quarter of the stuff there. It’s ok. I wasn’t impressed either. Seemed like every other exhibit was birds, and let’s face it, you can see birds anywhere! I’d go back to Legoland though! It was so much fun πŸ™‚

Obviously there’s a ton we didn’t have time to do. Next time I think I’d like to go with no babies and walk around downtown SD and go through some museums and art galleries. Guess I need to start planning my next vacation πŸ˜‰

So since everyone was sick (I wasn’t sick yet, just burned) I decided we’d drive home last night, which worked out great! The kids slept the entire drive, except for when I had to wake them to potty, we hit VERY little traffic, and all of the lights were gorgeous! Definitely a drive to make at night in my opinion!! It also allowed me to just zone out, listen to music, and reflect on life and such. All was going well until an old song by Randy Travis came on…it’s called Walked on Water I think. Made me think about my Uncle, which made me tear up. It’s amazing how much I still miss him and how much it still hurts 😦 Thank Bob for my Sirius, because I was able to follow that teary song up with some acoustic Dave, and then of course some Color Me Badd and NKOTB! Yes, you read that right, and I was singing along just like I was 12 again πŸ˜€ Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Sirius?? Yeah, 1276 miles driven total, with no commercials and no static. Doesn’t get any better folks!!

So, hands down, great trip. The kiddies and puppy were great, everyone had fun, and aside from my burn that required the doc checkin’ it out today, we’ve all got some great memories! I took a ton of pics, and eventually they’ll all be uploaded. At that point I’ll print some out for the kids so they can make scrapbooks to remember our trip by πŸ™‚

Oh, my ear. It’s doing great. I know you guys were wondering πŸ˜‰ I love it so much, and I’m so glad I did it!

And now, things I learned on this vacation:

  • I’m stronger than I thought, and going on vacation with my babies alone is just fine, even when people bang on my door at midnight
  • Motorcycle cops in So Cal cut through traffic at 80
  • There are only about 5 cops in all of So Cal, and none of them care that my windows are tinted
  • There are only about 4 Starbucks between here and So Cal
  • I have some of the best friends ever!
  • My car gets 30mpg even when I’m driving like an asshole in So Cal
  • SD is gorgeous, and working at Legoland will be fun
  • There are a TON more Starbucks between So Cal and here…I think they only open them and put the signs out at night
  • Swallowing knives hurts and is just plain silly…you shouldn’t do it
  • Vacation is fun, and should be done more often!


Me says:

swallowing knives? wtf

Erin says:

I hate that you all got sick on vacation, that’s no bueno! Glad you had a good time in spite of it all.

Katie says:

NKOTB, I haven’t even thought of them for years. Too funny!

I love driving at night – especially when I get behind a trucker and follow them for miles and miles. I’m glad you took the trip with your kids alone – traveling is so great!

Vern and I tend to drive at night too….when heading to and from our roadtrip destinations. Our last trip home from Colorado, we pulled into the driveway at 3am. It more relaxing or something….
Glad the trip went so well!!!!

Beth says:

sounds like you had a great time despite the sickness. You did good work on that sunburn…its almost like it was your job. I hope it gets better soon.

Bone says:

Uhh, there’s a real place called Legoland? Why haven’t I been? I can’t imagine. That’s like hearing there’s a life-size Super Mario World or something.

Please post pictures!

Sam says:

Sorry I almost got you lost! πŸ™‚ Glad you had fun down here in my neck of the woods…

Sandi says:

Thanks for the advice about swallowing knives! Boy, was that timely!!

gloria says:

so glad you had a blast!!
can’t wait to see pics!!

Have a great holiday!

Charity says:

No moving……what are you trying to do to me!!!!

Sounds like a good trip πŸ™‚ Good for you!

(I liked the San Diego Zoo…)

Wendy says:

Sounds like fun. Sucks that the kids got sick though. Sunburns suck too. I’ve had some really bad ones in my life. I get sun poisoning and have been in the hospital several times with it. My kid tans though and I am very happy about that.

Happy 4th!

OH honey. I was just innocently reading along and then I saw 3 words that made me weep for you.

Color Me Bad!!!!!

Really? NO NO NO NO NO.


Sounds like you had a good vacation … just what you needed! You can do anything, Girl!

iamderby says:

sounds like a fun vacation…minus the sickness of course! Glad you had a good time

I loved living in So Cal. Legoland is amazing. I liked the zoo as well… And the wild animal park! Glad your vacation was great!!!

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