Figuring It Out As I Go…

So my baby girl got her 4 teeth pulled today.  It was horrifying…really.

So we get there, and I realize I left the check at home!  So we have to drive back home to get it, which works out fine because I guess the oral surgeon is running a little behind.  Ariel is pretty calm, so of course I’m pretending to be, while feeling like I’m going to puke!

When we got back and they took her back, she got a little nervous and started asking a bunch of questions, which was fine, she was still handling everything like a champ!  I got more worried with every electrode they attached, still keeping my calm.  Then they asked a question I never thought I’d hear:
“Do you want to stay in here during the procedure?”
I immediately said a big hell no, I’m not interested in watching what you’re about to do, but before I’d even finished, Ariel looked at me and said YES!  So there it was.  I was stuck.  Fine.

So they get her all in position, explain everything that’s going to happen, and all is well.  And then they put the gas mask over her face, and all hell broke loose!  She started panicking, crying, gasping, saying she couldn’t breathe.  Of course I start crying because watching your baby do that pretty much just breaks your heart!  But finally she was out, and it was kinda ok again.
Until they laid the chair back farther, taped her eyes closed, and started yanking teeth out of her head!  I’m not going to lie, that made me a little woozy!  Thank Bob for all of my friends messaging me, or I may have lost it (sooner!)
Then we get to the last tooth.  He attaches his pliers from hell, AND SHE MOVES!!!!  WTF??!!!!!! She didn’t make any noises though, and they all immediately assured me, as they were turning up the gas, that she wasn’t awake, and some movement is always normal.  Ok fine.  But then it happens AGAIN!  And we do the gas cycle again.  At this point I think I might throw up.  And then, when she moved the 3rd time, I almost passed out and the nurse made me leave the room for fear I was going to pass out on their floor!
I went out to the waiting room, put my head between my legs, and within a few minutes, they said I could go back because they were waking her up.
She woke up ok, although there were a lot of tears and confusion, which continued all the way home 😦  My poor baby girl!

She’s ok now though.  Resting on the couch, watching TV off and on.  It’s only noon but it’s been a long ass day for us both I think!!   Anyways, thank you to everyone for all of your well wishes and keeping me occupied.  You guys rock!  And for your hard work, I give you pictures!

Ariel’s teeth!





Sleeping it off… 



So yeah, I’ve been pulled over twice in a week for my windows…I think I’m going to finally pull the tint off. It was fun while it lasted, but I don’t have the time or money for all these fix it tickets!

I hated my Blast phone, so I traded it in for the Tmobile Dash. So far, I love it! And today is my second day with it, so I think we’ll be ok this time! It’s a “smart phone” and I can synch it with my Outlook, listen to music on it, text easily with the FULL Qwerty board, etc. It’s a great phone so far!!

I took Ariel to her consultation to have 4 teeth pulled with the oral surgeon yesterday. You see, her teeth are so close together that they’re not falling out, so the adult teeth are below the surface and starting to turn because there’s no where for them to go. Not good. So on the 23rd they’re puttin’ her out and yankin’ the teeth! She’s not worried at all. I, on the other hand, am freaking the fuck out that they’re putting my baby to sleep! I know I have no reason to, but she’s my baby dammit!! Oh, and did I mention, AFTER insurance, it’s going to cost $565!!!! Yeah, my dental insurance doesn’t want to pay to put a 9 YEAR OLD to sleep to pull 4 TEETH! Assholes. The oral surgeons biller is going to try to get it covered, which means her dad and I will get reimbursed, but in the mean time, we have to pay the full $565. I thank Bob that he and his wife are so willing to cover half (like they’re supposed to) and that we don’t have to fight about stuff like this!

I went to my doc yesterday for my ankle, because I rolled it again, and got some wonderful news:

  • I can’t run anymore, for at least 6 months, but maybe not ever.
  • The only cardio I can do is ride a bike or swim…we all know I don’t know how to swim so I guess I need to buy a bike, because….
  • I also have to lose weight…20-30lbs to be exact. He said having extra weight on my ankle is not helping it, and right now, it needs all the help it can get!
  • I’m also back in physical therapy, and he wants me on crutches (um, no thank you!)

So physical therapy starts back up next week. Weight loss starts tomorrow, and I guess I need to count some pennies to fund a bike after paying for her freaking teeth to get yanked!

Carlos is THIS Friday! I can’t wait!

Official trip to MN countdown: 16 days baby, 16 days! Oh, did I mention I’m a jackass? Yeah, I didn’t realize the first Monday in Sept is a holiday. I totally could have stayed another day! Oh well. I can’t change my tickets now, it’ll cost around $100. It just means I’ll have a day of rest before coming back to work, which I’m sure I’ll need 😛

Oh, and today’s the kids’ first day back to school. 1st and 4th grades! Holy shit when did they grow up????? Ariel has blue hair again too. It’s not nearly as cute as it was last time, but if you’re so inclined, you know where to find the pictures! I’ll be uploading more tonight when I get home 🙂

Alright, I think that’s it. Gotta work now!

{August 9, 2007}   Password

Ya’ll know the drill. Email me if I didn’t already email you the password 🙂

{August 9, 2007}   Protected: It’s A Blast!

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So I got myself a new phone.  Mine’s been acting up lately, and I finally got tired of it!  So here’s my new baby, the Samsung Blast.  I haven’t even played with it yet, but I’ll let ya’ll know what I think!



I also got a present from he who makes me smile:



I had mentioned seeing a fountain I wanted at Wally World, so he surprised me with it 🙂  It was even the one I was looking at!  He says he doesn’t want me stressing anymore 🙂  So sweet!!


Almost fixes all the shit I’ve been going through lately! 


I also took some cute pics of Tyler and I, Gidget and Frankie, and Tyler and Andrew.  They’re chillin’ in my Flickr if you want to see them, and you know you do! 😛 

{August 7, 2007}   With Ketchup Please

I found this online today while searching for a knife through the head for Kristen…yeah, don’t think my dog won’t be wearing this come Halloween!!!

{August 6, 2007}   She’s So Sweet!

Look at what this girl sent me!!

She wants me to find true love, and no more wasting my time!!  I heart her!! 

{August 3, 2007}   Text Me!

I looked at my cell bill online today…apparently I like to text! Good thing it’s unlimited!!

et cetera