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{April 27, 2007}   Tagged!!

I got tagged by Miss Dutch Femka. Since I’ve taken a small break from my regular daily meme’s, I figured I’d better do this one!

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their seven things and post the rules as well. At the end of your post, choose 7 people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog! OK, here goes…

1) Like Miss Femka, I’m in a MOOOOOD today!!!
2) I let the doggy sleep with me last night, and it didn’t help me sleep because every time the house settled he jumped up and stared at the door. Not so helpful.
3) My ulcer is killing me because I’ve been drinking coffee every morning for the past 2 weeks since I can’t sleep.
4) I’m addicted to my cell phone. Seriously. And I send and receive about 3000 text messages a month!!
5) Sasha is the first car I’ve kept longer than a year!
6) I want more than anything to be married and be a family, but I fear it will never happen.
7) My Grandpa is dying. I haven’t talked to him in over a year because of a drug addict. I saw him at my Uncle’s memorial service and he was very hateful. Because of that I’m afraid to try again…

So there you go folks, stuff you knew, stuff you didn’t, and stuff that sucks.
I’m tagging: Gloria, Uzz, Jenni, Katie, Bone, Amy and The J-Mo. Go forth and MEME!


Because they give us really cool music playing thingies that say American Idol on them! And yeah, I know, my kid is adorable 🙂

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{April 26, 2007}   What I’ve Learned Today

There is no class for common sense!!!!
It’s really spiffy that you have that degree, but you’re dumb as a rock!!

That is all.

{April 26, 2007}   Protected: Quickly

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{April 23, 2007}   Leann Rimes

Just got tickets for Sarah and I to go see Leann Rimes at a gorgeous winery in July. Can’t wait!!

{April 23, 2007}   Ugh!! Oh Yeah, And SF

I’m trying realllllly hard to get back in my groove. I promise it’ll happen. In the mean time, bear with me. Fewer posts, pictures and comments on your posts. I’ll get there though, and at some point, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to read the blogs I love every day again 🙂 Hell, I may even get back in my meme’s!!
So we took Miss Ariel to San Francisco yesterday. We were supposed to have Tyler too, but his dad has family here from Alaska, so I let him keep him. We went to Steinhart Aquarium, Yerba Buena Gardens, and Buca De Beppo (SO GOOOOOD!!!) Ariel and I rode the merry-go-round, and she ran like crazy at the park there!
All in all, it was a really good day, and we had a lot of fun! All the pictures are in my Flickr 🙂

{April 19, 2007}   WTF

Some fuck stick here in my neck of the woods decided that he wants to make Virginia Tech look like child’s play (literally his words!!). So our wonderful law enforcement agencies are teaming together and trying to catch him. That’s all fine and dandy. But the final paragraph of one article says this:
“Some parents are taking their children out, but we are encouraging them not to because they are safe,” Johal said. “We have received no direct threat, but law enforcement has told us that they think they know of a man who wants to go on a killing spree. We are following the direction of law enforcement.”

Are you kidding me?? Do they think we all just crawled out from under a fucking rock??? The SCHOOL is the safe place????

This all makes me want to go get my children and never let them out of my sight!!

This world is going to hell in a hand basket on a rocket ship!

I have no more words today.

**Updated to add, Yuba City is about 60 miles from where my children go to school. Too close for comfort!!**

{April 19, 2007}   Protected: Royal Canine

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{April 17, 2007}   Food For Thought

Does having a ring and someone’s last name really mean security?
Don’t marriages seem to break up just as easily as plain ol’ relationships these days?
Or does the ring symbolize something more? That right now, that person wants to be with you always, even though that’s subject to change as the years go on.
Is anyone ever truly content just being with someone, not ever knowing if that person truly loves them enough to share their whole life with them? Always wondering if they’re good enough, or just a consolation prize.

{April 16, 2007}   I Am Alive

A couple of people have asked if I’m still alive. I am. I haven’t had time to blog or read blogs, and it’s really quite depressing. I love my blog and I love reading other blogs!
So I’ll give you a list of things I’ve learned recently, and hopefully at some point I’ll find my groove and be able to read and write blogs.

  • Continually beating your head against a brick wall hurts and gets you no where, and just leaves you feeling beat up and exhausted.
  • Allergies suck, and the hurricane winds aren’t helping!
  • I hate the seasons in CA (yes, I knew this, I’m just being reminded)
  • Nerves reattaching in your nose feels like you’re randomly being hit.
  • I suck ass at being home alone and having to listen to the sounds of a quiet house by myself all night.
  • I don’t sleep when I’m home alone. I wake up every half hour wondering if this is the hour someone will break in and kill me. The nightmares don’t help.
  • I think I’ve forgotten how to do most of my job. Makes it not so fun because I feel like an idiot most of the day.
  • I’m a better mom when I’m not working. Didn’t know that ’till I was home for a month. I have so much more patience when I’m not always rushing rushing rushing.
  • My life is not where I thought it would be, nor where I want it to be.
  • Overall, I’m blah and a bit depressed.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. I’ll work on getting around to blogs, hopefully tonight. Happy Monday ya’ll.

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