Figuring It Out As I Go…

{June 30, 2007}   12:27AM

So, yeah, I can’t sleep.
Actually, that’s a lie, I was sleeping.  Until someone knocked on my hotel room door.  Of course it woke me right up!  The first thought that goes through my head is “Oh shit, what the hell am I doing here ALONE???”  Yeah, I’ve had that thought a few times, but we’ll come back to that.  So I look out the peep hole, and it’s 3 guys.  And they knock again, harder this time.  At this point, I’m yelling through the door that they have the wrong room.  They obviously can’t hear me though, because the “ring leader” points at my running A/C and says something about we must be here because the A/C’s on.  Yeah, my room is the only room in this packed hotel with the A/C on.  Right.  And why can I hear them but they can’t hear me?  WTF??  So then he pounds on the door a 3rd time.  My kids are still snoring (I swear they can literally sleep through ANYTHING!!!!!)  My heart is beating so hard at this point I think people back home can hear it!  And these guys show no intention of leaving.  So I’m weighing my options in my head…open the door with the latch on and pray to Bob, Allah, Buddah and Zeus that it isn’t the biggest mistake of our lives, or wait to see how many more times they’ll pound on the door and how badly my kids will freak if it wakes them up.  So I open the door on the latch, and tell them they have the wrong room.  The Ring Leader looks at me, asks if I’m some woman’s name that I couldn’t quite make out, and then just stares at me, as I again tell him he has the wrong room.  Then all of a sudden I see the light bulb come on for all 3 of them as they all 3 start saying things like “Oh shit” and “I’m so sorry!” and backing away.  I just shut the door, shaking like a damn leaf, trying to decide who is getting a midnight wake up call from the girl who still can’t believe she thought making this trip alone and with 2 children was a good idea.  I look down at my phone, and there’s a new message on it.  Someone that was trying to look at my pics and was having problems.  So I snatch my phone up and just call, knowing obviously they’re awake, and talk for about 25 minutes until I’m no longer shaking.  But now I’m wide awake.  And the guys have walked back and forth a few times….sounds like maybe they finally found the right room now though, as all is quiet again.
In other news, Ariel is oh so officially sick.  We went out in search of a store earlier to get some drugs for her so she can semi-enjoy herself this weekend.  I’ve got her doped up good right now, and it almost sounds like she’s breathing, so maybe there’s hope yet!  Oh yeah, back to our shopping trip.  So we ask the hotel guy where the closest store is.  He gives me seemingly simple directions, which I promptly screw up, so we just keep driving along the freeway, hoping the for the best.  We come upon a Wally World…but not just any Wally World folks, a 2 story Wally World, complete with it’s set of escalators, one of you and one for your cart!  Greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Of course I took a camera phone pic like the retarded tourist I am, and it’s in my Flickr, along with some cute pics of the kiddies, happy to be out of the car before Ariel realized she was dying, and then one of her and Frankie sleeping after the first set of drugs kicked in.  Cute stuff!
Oh yeah, and on the way home from Wally World, I have no idea how to get back to the hotel, so I’m asking the kids, and basically just going with what they say, because what’s the worst that can happen, we get lost and I wonder again why I’m here alone, or why I didn’t get the GPS?  Oh, that is bad.  Eh.  But my kids, they get us back here, like aside from a turn or 2, they were right on the money!  I was so impressed!!  Apparently we all 3 do make a great team 🙂
Alright, I’m going to try to get some sleep.  We have a big day planned, full of Lego Land and Belmont Park.  Wish me luck with the sick one!!
Oh, and I’m not linking to anything, because I’m way too retarded for that right now.  This not sleeping shit is wearing on me!
Nighty night!!


{February 13, 2007}   Weekend Recap

It turned out to be a pretty good weekend 🙂 Ariel had a basketball game on Sat morning. They lost, but I got Starbucks, so it really all worked out 😉 Oh yeah, and she had fun! Then she and I headed to see Miss Charity, who had been rear ended by some idiot who was confused about what brake lights mean. We picked her up and headed to the one place that makes every girl feel better…the mall 🙂 After lunch at Johnny Rockets, we were ready to spend money!
We headed to T-Mobile to get Miss Charity a phone. After what took something like an eternity, we had not only her new pretty Razr and matching blue tooth, but 2 free cases for being so patient 🙂 Free, my friend, is my favorite price! Yeah, I know, a pretty smile gets you everywhere! The boobs help too 😉

From there we headed to Claire’s, one of my favorite places to buy earrings. $30 later, I was very earring happy 🙂 At that point, we called it a day and dropped Miss Charity back at home.

Sarah met me at my house, and we ditched the girl and headed to a different mall, in search of dinner, a movie, and maybe some ring browsing 🙂 Browse we did! She picked out her promise ring, and I picked out my engagement ring. Both amazingly gorgeous!! We walked out, armed with info on our future rings and ready to conquer!! After so much ring “browsing” and then a yummy dinner at Red Robin, we decided to skip the movie and do some V Day shopping. I got the kids some cute heart tins with chocolates, and she got her man some sexy stuff that says I love you, blah blah blah. It’s now late, like 9ish, so we head back to my house, where she hops into her car and heads home.

Sunday I spent most of the day with Charity again, eating, shopping, etc. On the way home from Sac, I get a message from Sarah…the girl got her ring! Her hunny loves and adores her, and a promise ring was the compromise they made, as he wants to promise his love and life to her, and she wants to honor her mom’s wish that she doesn’t get engaged too soon. All in all, a winning situation I think. Her ring is gorgeous, and she’s on cloud 9!
As for my ring…well…supposedly my Prince will come. When he does, I have the info on my dream ring. The one I love, and the one that looks amazing on my hand 🙂

As for life in general…I’m still trying to keep my head above water. Most days I do ok. Most nights I’m not so lucky. Either way, somethings gotta give soon…

{February 5, 2007}   My Charity

HA! You thought I was talking about a Charity huh? I am, but she’s a person 🙂 She came to hang out with me tonight. We went shopping, bought new purses, wallets and sunglasses, and had dinner. It was so fun, and I so needed it!!

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