Figuring It Out As I Go…

{July 11, 2007}   SuperGlue!

Is it National Dumb Driver Day today?  Seriously.  Kristen and I went to Dixon at lunch to go to Super Wally World, and we encountered every idiot around!  It was ridiculous!  And just an FYI: it’s called the “fast lane” for a reason.  If the people behind you are on your ass, you should probably MOVE!

I’m eating a Jolly Rancher stick as I type this, and I keep growling/grunting at things, mostly because I can’t talk while sucking on this thing, and my coworker just compared me to Little Frankenstein!  Nice huh 😀

My boss told me today that Vodka is Atkins approved…and bloody mary’s are healthy!  I really need to start drinking more!  And I love her!  Seriously!

So Sarah and Andrew have been in Reno all week, and I made them leave Gidgie home with me to keep me safe.  The first night, all night long she was up and down, going to the door, giving little half barks, and then looking at me like I should really just do something, like bring mom and dad home.  Then at bedtime I put her in bed with me (shhhh, don’t tell Andrew!) and she was fine for a while, but then decided to get down.  No big deal, she was sleeping next to the bed.  I wake up because she’s decided somewhere around 2am that she actually does want to sleep with me, so she just jumps right in the middle of me!  Good thing I love her so freakin’ much!  Last night she did fine though.  She really is the best dog there is, and I hope someday Frankie can learn from her!

Speaking of Frankie, he’s been so good at not going potty in the house.  I put him outside all the time and he’s going potty out there!  Hopefully soon he’ll catch on to go to the door when he needs to go!

This Jolly Rancher is really good ya’ll!   Apple.  Yum!

So I have my very own artist that’s going to draw my scorpion tattoo for me!  Ok, he’s not really MINE per say, but he is going to draw it for me, and since he really is an artist and wants to open his own gallery (he seriously is THAT good!) I want him to put his signature somewhere in the scorpion.  I mean, after all, it is original SK artwork, and when he’s famous, I’ll be WEARING it!!

Our drowning appt got canceled for today, thanks to it raining last night, and not being exactly warm and fuzzy today.  I mean, it’s warm, but not learn to drown warm!  So we’re going to try again next Wed.

Do you guys realize that the weekend of the 20th this month I have no kids and no plans, and after that I don’t have a kid/plan free weekend until Sept!!  Holy hell!  Oh well, I’m having the time of my life!  I’m hoping to get away for the weekend soon, to the coast, so we’ll see how that pans out 🙂

And speaking of traveling, Kristen was kind enough to remind me that I’m flying out on Friday the 13th!  I mean, I realized it was Friday obviously, and I realized it’s the 13th because it’s my sisters birthday, but I didn’t put the 2 together!  Damn her!  Like I wasn’t worried already!  I mean, I’ve been saying all week that my plane’s going down!  Oh well, I’m taking happy pills with me, and we start to lose altitude I’m downing the bottle so I don’t feel it by the time we hit bottom!

Alright, guess I should work…you know, this whole work thing really cuts into my blogging time! 😉


{February 28, 2007}   Randomness…

I was told tonight I’m selfish…not those exact words, but that was the meaning…I don’t think I am, and it bothers me that it was said!

I stayed home from work today. I threw up when I got home yesterday, and generally felt horrible. I didn’t feel much better this morning, so I figured better safe than sorry. I’m feeling fine tonight though, so I’m happy 🙂

I’ve been going to therapy. I think it’s helping…I guess. Honestly I guess I don’t really know what I think about it. She told me today she wants me to come once a week. I know I have many issues, most of them old, most of them still affecting my every day life. I hope it helps. I forgot to tell her about my nightmares. I also forgot to tell her about finding my sister…

Yup, I have a sister. I’ve always known this. My mom had her when she was 17 and gave her up for adoption. She’s 10 years older than I. I used to talk to her, until I was around 15 or 16, then we lost touch. I started looking for her a couple weeks ago, and a good friend used her powers to help me find her. I sent her an email, and she wrote me back, saying she wanted to talk to me more, and she was glad I found her. I wrote her back a freakin’ book, and I’m waiting for her response. I have no idea what she’s looking for. I know I’d like to have a sister. And she has 2 children, a boy and a girl. I’d love to be an Aunt, and I’m glad in some way I am. I feel robbed of a lot. Growing up I always wanted a sibling! I’m so glad I have 2 kids…there are so many things they won’t miss out on, things most people take for granted, like getting to be an Aunt or Uncle…

I know I’ve said this already, but my Uncle’s memorial is this Saturday. It’s weighing so heavily on my mind, and Ariel broke down and started sobbing the other day, which broke my heart. It’s going to be hard. I don’t think I ever realized how final death really is…

I’m rambling…I have so much on my mind right now…things I can’t blog about. I’m glad I’m going back to work tomorrow. It’s my grounding point; the constant in my life.

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