Figuring It Out As I Go…

{October 24, 2007}   Oops

I accidentally deleted all of my contacts, everywhere. I think I recovered them all, but if you could please send me your email addresses and phone numbers, just in case anyone got missed, I would greatly appreciate it!


{October 9, 2007}   “Scalpel Please”

So my surgery is officially scheduled…Nov 13th, the day before my birthday! I’ll be down for 6 freakin’ weeks! I may not make it ya’ll, ’cause staying home and in bed is NOT my strong suit! Thank God I’ll be on good drugs! We’re going to celebrate my birthday the weekend before, and Kristen is going to come hang out with me on my birthday. She’s also in charge of decorating my cast, ’cause she’s super creative and artistic 😀 My boss is going to try to set me up to work from home…we’ll see. We have a meeting with HR on Friday to talk about it. I’d really hate to be so out of the loop for so long with all of my added responsibilities…seriously! Not to mention, not only will I be in bed on my birthday, but Turkey Day, Tyler’s Birthday, Christmas and New Years!! Yuck. Seriously.

On the upside, my ankle will be all better…right? Sure.  Have I mentioned I’m fucking terrified?  Yeah.  I am.  I won’t be able to WALK!!!!!

So I’m going to try to move before my surgery…I put in an application for a duplex tonight. It’s really nice! 2 stories, 3bd 2 ba 1300 sq ft, and super close to their school. That matters a lot right now, because if I don’t live within walking distance of their school, I’m not going to be able to have them when I have my surgery since I won’t be able to walk or drive. So cross your fingers for us!

And of course, this affects the plan Kristi and I had to get a tattoo and more holes on the 10th. Not really though, we just rescheduled it to the 4th. Figured I should give myself a week of healing time before needles and scalpels 😉

Well, I think that’s all my news for now…I’m off to read blogs like a good girl now!

{October 6, 2007}   Cuts and Cupcakes

I chopped my hair off! I think I love it 😀


I also decided to play Betty Fucking Crocker. There’s another whole sheet the same size as this one and brownies. OCD much?? They REALLY yummy though!

Oh, and the tint is off of my front windows.  No pictures, because I just can’t like it yet!

That’s all for now. Small update 🙂

{October 5, 2007}   William Tell

{October 3, 2007}   Holy Shit, I Won!!!!!

My favorite morning show is having a “Pay My Bills” contest the month of October, and I WON TODAY!!!! I’m so happy ya’ll!!! I’ve never won anything EVER!! WooHoo bitches!!!! Yeah, and that bill, it’s the product of my new phone and a past due bill…it’s not always this high!

Oh, and to see the site of my favorite morning show, go here!

{October 2, 2007}   Protected: My New Hole

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