Figuring It Out As I Go…

{July 31, 2007}   Where The Hell Is She??

I know, I’ve been a horrible blogger! But I have a really good reason:
…….ummmm……..ok, maybe I have a crappy reason:
…….ummmm……..fine, I just suck, ok! But here’s a little update ’cause I really do still love ya’ll!

Running is going great! I’ve finally found my runners high and look forward to running at night (except when I’m really tired or have something more fun to do!!) Ok, so my high could use a little work, but at least I don’t dread it now 😀 Oh, and I love my shoes like no other! Whooda thunk that shoes could make such a big damn difference!!

Sarah and I took last Friday off and went and played. We went to the Winchester Mystery House (so incredible!!!!), indulged in ‘ritas at Chevy’s then went to a Leann Rimes concert. OH.MY.GOD ya’ll, that girl can sing! She put on a great show, and the place we saw her at fucking rocked! Never have I seen such a purty place before!! So pretty, so romantic! Can’t wait to go there again, maybe even with a guy this time 😉 Oh, and we had the yummiest drink there!! An orange creamsicle. Fucking awesome, and ALMOST worth the $9 damn dollars we had to pay for EACH OF THEM!
After the concert we went to a little hole in the wall bar here in town and Sarah convinced me to sing Bobby McGee with her. It was kinda fun, and although we walked off stage by mistake before the song was over, I don’t think we did too bad…although I think I sound better in my car 😛 Now she wants me to sing Desperado with her! Oh Lord, bring on the Bacardi, or Arlene just isn’t going to have the balls for this 😉
As always, pictures are in my flickr (not of the concert though, they were literally searching bags to keep cameras out!!)

The rest of the weekend went pretty well. Visited with my Aunt and cousin Garry…they came down for a few days…always a good time! I love them so much, AND, I get to see them this coming weekend because I’m taking the boy up there 😀 Good times!

My trip to see Katie is only 30 days away! Can you guys believe it!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! We MAY be getting tattoos while I’m there 😉 Don’t be surprised if I end up with a tramp stamp 😉 Hahahaha!!! Honestly, I know the other 2 things I want, but I don’t know where I want them, so I’m curious to see how it all turns out!

Hmmm, what else….
Well, there is that other thing…but I’m not ready to share it yet 😀 Right now it’s my own private happiness and reason to glow 😀

K, I’m going to read blogs now, ’cause I love you guys and I don’t want you to think I died!!


{July 23, 2007}   Holy Hell!!!!

This is fucking hot ya’ll!!!!!

 And I ran 1.75 miles in it.  WTF was I thinking you ask?  Apparently I wasn’t.  I may throw up, and my head hurts like hell.  Off to a cool bath I go. 

-Arlene, learning as she goes…normally the hard way!

{July 22, 2007}   Bacardi

Kristen and I went out to the Punchline in Sac last night…SO much fun!  We may have drank though…a lot.  I won’t even break it down for you, it would scare you 😉  Especially for someone like me that drinks only a few times a year!  OH HOLY HELL!  Thank Bob I don’t get hung over or sick!

We had a little bit of a rough time trying to get the camera to work…well, more like the flash!  But this is what we finally ended up with:

I really did try to open my eyes, but it just didn’t work 😉

I’m thinking about heading out to get some sun today.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of stupid people lately.  People that say one thing to your face and do another.  And liars.  Oh how I hate liars!  I really believe people should sack the fuck up and say what they feel! But what the hell do I know.

I swear I’m going to get better about reading!  Promise! 

{July 20, 2007}   Asics

Well, I got my running shoes today. I love them, although I haven’t run in them yet. I would run tonight, but I rolled my ankle a little and it hurts like hell. Kristen and I are going to get pedis after work though, and that always helps things below the knee that hurt 🙂

I’ve picked about 6 other races I want to run this year. I’m pretty excited!

More later. When I’m more coherent!

Why didn’t anyone tell me how much running hurts?  Holy guacamole!  I ran 1.5 miles the first night, walking the majority.  Last night I ran a mile, splitting the running and walking about 50/50, but I had to stop because my legs hurt so damn bad!  So tonight I’m just going to walk, nice and easy.  I’m really impressed with how much my legs and feet hurt.  I guess that’s what happens when you go from couch potato to marathon training 😛

I’m trying really hard to get around to blogs, but I’ll be honest, my motivation is nill by the time I get home, and I’ve been crazy busy here at work.  I’m trying though.  Everyone just please be patient with me 😀 

Oh, and if anyone wants to get together and run, walk, or ride a bike (which I still need to buy!) let me know!  I’d love to have a partner!! 

Oh yeah, check out Sarah’s blog and look at what they did to my doggy while we were on vacation, it’s hilarious!!!! 

{July 17, 2007}   Good Intentions

I had great intentions of posting a nice long vacation recap tonight, but I just don’t have it in me. So you get a quick recap and an update of sorts.

First off, I had the best time with my mom this weekend. Honestly, better than any other time in my whole life. Which hurts a little, because that means it’s going to hurt that much more if she starts using again. Just thinking about it puts a knot in my stomach. And the odds aren’t in her favor, because I guess they’re going to be moving back down here. Not good. But I’m going to hold onto this weekend. She was clean, she was happy, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely! And all of the pictures are officially uploaded, with the rest of the 4th of July somewhere in the middle because I was bored one night while the kids were swimming 🙂

I started training tonight for my marathon. Did 1.5 miles. I walked more than ran, but I figure you have to start somewhere, right? I have faith in myself. I can do this! And when I doubt myself, I’ll text you guys for support 😀 Besides, we all know, I always almost always get what I want, as long as I put my mind to it!

Speaking of almost always getting what I want, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you want something, because it’s not in your control. And sometimes things aren’t what they seem. Life, I know. But I’m still sad and hurt.

Oh, and I promise to get around to everyone soon!!

Alright, I’m frustrated and I’m going to bed.

{July 17, 2007}   I Said WHAT??

I agreed to run a half marathon with my boss in October. I need to be running 9min miles on average. Holy hell, what was I thinking??? Oh, wait, I wasn’t. When she said half marathon I thought she meant a couple miles at most. So I start running tonight. I have 3 months to get ready. Wish me luck! I’ll need it!! I know I won’t back down because it’s my boss, and if you know her, you know that you she’ll drag us both across the finish line on our faces if she has to!!

I’m going to leave this post up for a bit so you guys can help motivate me 🙂 So newer posts will be below it. Oh, and I’ll write about the trip tonight when I upload the last of the pics 🙂

{July 13, 2007}   Durango At Night

Well, so far so good.  We had another puddle jumper from Salt Lake to Durango, and we landed during a thunderstorm.  It wasn’t horrible until we were closer to the ground, but I did get off the plane pretty nauseous.  Very different from my flights to San Diego and Oregon, where I was on real planes that hold more than 4 people!  I hope the flights home are better!  And did you know you can smoke inside the Salt Lake Airport?  They have rooms for it!  AND, they charge for their WiFi.  Jerks!

The Durango airport is the size of some large houses.  Literally.  It was hilarious.  And trains are huge up here, so the baggage claim conveyor thingie sounded like a train.  It was cute for the first few minutes, then it got kinda irritating.  I feel bad for the people that work there and have to listen to that all day, although they’ve probably drown it out at this point 🙂 

So far Colorado is absolutely gorgeous!  We haven’t seen a whole lot yet, but what I’ve seen I love!  This is a huge tourist town, so there’s a ton to do here and a TON of people.  Nick (the guy my mom’s “been” with since I was 13, has a gray wolf.  Pure bred.  We walked through downtown and had to stop for about 206 pictures and to talk to people about him.  I’ve never seen people so interested in something!!  It’s like walking around with a movie star!

My mom so far is fine.  She actually doesn’t seem high or like she’s coming down, so I’m not quite sure what to think.  I’ll just be glad that it’s so far so good though.

I’m driving a brand new Hyundai Entourage, and oohlala, I like it!  Who’da ever thunk I’d be lovin’ a minivan!!  Rest assured, I will not be getting rid of my Sasha anytime soon, and especially NOT for a minivan.  For now though, I’m diggin’ the new carness of a car that has 3,000 miles rather than my 40,000.  Because, you know, there’s a difference 😉

The kids are swimming right now.  There’s an indoor pool and spa here.  Tyler’s only tried to drown once, which is great 😉  I have no internet access in my room, it’s only in the main room of the hotel, but it works out well for all of us that it works here in the pool area too.  That means the kids get to swim longer because  we don’t have to go sit in there for me to write this 🙂

Oh, and our room is gorgeous!  2 stories, wood burning fireplace, little kitchen.  I love it so much!  I’ll get some pics uploaded to my computer tonight and flickr tomorrow sometime.  I think tomorrow we’re going to go horseback riding.  Should be fun!  

Alright, my batteries dying.  Peace out ya’ll! 

{July 13, 2007}   Sac International

So we’re sitting here at the airport, facing the planes taking off. The kids are both playing their DS’s (yup, Tyler got his back as of about 10 min ago!) and I’m chatting with who else, but Kristen 🙂 Just like being at work. I’m chatting and staring off into space 😛  Now, if only I had some tomatoes peaches….

I feel a bit better about the trip this morning, although my head is POUNDING! All the Advil in the world isn’t going to help this one!! Oh well. Sitting here is actually kind soothing. I like watching planes take off and land. I think that makes me slow or retarded or something. We’ll just say it’s part of my charm 😀

I’m not sure how the trip will go. I’m sure we’ll see my mom a bit, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a very small amount. She’s always fine around the kids, and honestly, I don’t think they’ve ever seen her clean. Sad. But we’ll have plenty to do, and they won’t even realize we’re not around her! I’ve heard Durango is gorgeous, so I’m really excited, both for the sightseeing part, and the pictures I’m going to take part 🙂 Let’s see how long it takes me to upload these ones, ’cause I STILL have some from LegoLand I want to upload 😉 I suck!

I think I’m going to run away from home next weekend…to recover from this one. If I ever sat still it’d be a miracle 😀 One day I will…when I die. I’ll have run out of things to do by then 😉

Peace out ya’ll!

So I’ve been seriously stressing on seeing my mom.  For those of you that don’t know the situation, I’ll give you the cliff notes version:
My mom has been a drug addict since she was about 17.  She’s always had very limited contact with my kids because of it, and I personally can’t stand her when she’s high, which is always.  But in Feb or Mar she moved to Colorado, and has stayed clean up there, hence the trip to go visit her.   At least, she was clean until a couple of weeks ago.  She’s started using again.  Not good.  I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not I want to go.  Today she called me yelling at me and told me not to come.  While I was at work.
That was the breaking of my dam.  I started bawling.  I called my Aunt to get her opinion on things, and she was pissed.  She called my mom and ripped her a new ass.  Of course my mom hung up on her.  But then Nick, the guy that’s been taking care of my mom since I was about 13, called my Aunt Betty.  He explained that they had gotten in a fight, and of course, she’s high, so she flew off the handle and decided I should be brought into it too.  Yeah, that’s her.
So, after talking to my Aunt some more, and crying the entire afternoon, she said we should still go.  We have our own place and rental car, so we don’t have to see my mom if we don’t want to.  I’m stressed.  I’m tired.  My tummy is upset.  But it will all be ok.  And I have great friends helping me through.  I love you guys so much!
Oh, and I have no internet access in my hotel.  How do you get a hotel suite with a loft and kitchen, but no internet.  Whatever.  We’ll add that to the reasons I’ll be at Starbucks 🙂

et cetera