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{March 29, 2007}   Thursday 13 – Pet Peeves
Welcome to Thursday 13, brought to us this week by Beside the Pointe.
Today’s theme is Pet Peeves.

1. Telemarkers. Period. They irritate the crap out of me!!

2. People that answer phones that don’t speak English. If you’re going to answer a phone here, learn the damn language!!

3. Yapping dogs. Big or small, if you’re yapping for no reason, you’ve just become a kick me dog!

4. Being told I don’t know what I’m talking about, when I KNOW that I do!

5. Being late. I hate being late, and I hate it when others are late! To me, it’s rude (unless there really is a good reason.)

6. Cranky people. I know, everyone has a bad day, but try not to be an ass to everyone else.

7. People who can’t drive. The fast lane is not for going 55, and the slow lane 4 lanes over isn’t a passing lane because the freeway is going 90 and that’s not fast enough for you. Don’t try to cause an accident you shit head!

8. Misbehaved kids. My kids aren’t perfect, but they know how to behave in public, because I’ve taught them, and they know there are consequences to acting like heathens in public!!

9. And speaking of misbehaved kids, parents who count should be slapped! You tell them to stop, or whatever the case may be, and you follow through with a consequence. It’s not a space shuttle launch and doesn’t require a countdown!

10. Returning things. Yup, it truly is a pet peeve. I hate it, and will give something away or just keep it before I return it!!

11. People who don’t answer their cell phone, and don’t silence the ringing. If you’re not going to answer your phone, don’t. But don’t subject everyone else to it’s ringing either.

12. People that always know what’s best, and feel it necessary to tell you, over and over again, especially if you’re not listening. This really becomes an issue when new babies are born. People you don’t even know feel it necessary to tell you how you should raise your baby!

13. Repairmen. The majority of them, not matter what their fixing, think that just because you have breasts you automatically have no clue what your talking about! For instance, when my car was a week old there was oil shooting out of the top of my motor. The fucktard at Nissan tried to tell me this was a normal part of a new car working itself in. Little did he know, I’m the queen of cars, and I’m no dummy! It took John going down there though, and all of a sudden the top half of my motor had to be replaced! Jerks!

Well, there you have it folks, 13 of my pet peeves. Did you play?


As I was browsing my blogs, I noticed a lot of people are doing Thursday Thirteen. I decided I wanted to play, so I picked the one I liked! Here goes!!

Thirteen Things You Love To Do

1. Drive
2. Listen to music
3. Be with my friends
4. Read
5. Take baths
6. Smile and laugh
7. Go to San Fran
8. Go to work (yes, silly, I know, but remember, I really go to fun!!)
9. Take pictures
10. Buy earrings (my new addiction!!)
11. Read blogs (seriously!!)
12. Text message
13. Get my nails done

So there you have it…did you play?

et cetera