Figuring It Out As I Go…

{August 9, 2007}   Water and Phone Calls (Or Texts!!)

So I got myself a new phone.  Mine’s been acting up lately, and I finally got tired of it!  So here’s my new baby, the Samsung Blast.  I haven’t even played with it yet, but I’ll let ya’ll know what I think!



I also got a present from he who makes me smile:



I had mentioned seeing a fountain I wanted at Wally World, so he surprised me with it 🙂  It was even the one I was looking at!  He says he doesn’t want me stressing anymore 🙂  So sweet!!


Almost fixes all the shit I’ve been going through lately! 


I also took some cute pics of Tyler and I, Gidget and Frankie, and Tyler and Andrew.  They’re chillin’ in my Flickr if you want to see them, and you know you do! 😛 


I hope you love your new phone and what a sweet surprise! I see I have some back-reading to do so if you see Seattle,WA (where my Co is based) in your stat counter it’s me being nosey! LOL

Connie says:

I once had a fountain at work. I love it, but is didn’t work very long. It burned out.

Sam says:

I wanna see how long before the sound of running water makes you want to go pee! 🙂

Charity says:

Very cute phone. I miss you. We need to do something about our inability to connect latley.

Luv the phone

Luv fountains too … so soothing.


Time out… there’s a new man in your life?? Or did you and the ex get back together?

I’m confuzzled.

Carlos says:

Nice phone…Nice thingy 😉

tommiea says:

I would love one of those…but I wonder if the kids would think it was a personal ongoing hand washing site!

Katie says:

Nice phone!

I love the pics. in your flickr.

shelli says:

do you have free text/aim? you need to seriously get at me on the cell!! lol
who’s the carrier? i know that phone has all the bells and whistles. lol

that password didnt’ work for me? 😦

Slick says:

I almost got me one of them but I figured without stress, what would I occupy my time with??

Cool lookin’ phone!

Bone says:

I like the phone. How’s it workin’ out for ya so far?

He who makes you smile? You got a present from Santa already??

cool phone.
i’m jealous, i have the razr and i’m pretty bored with it, but what can ya do?
uhm, and should i ask what “better than ears” is??


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